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You can start by putting GPS trackers on all your vehicles and firing anyone that veers off their assigned route, or goes home during working hours like the guy that lives two doors down from me.

Treat it like a real business instead of a job source for lazy people that could not get a job unless the government gave them one.

wait for it....... it's coming......

Joe Siegler

Last night, the NBC News said a statement by the post office later in the day denied these dire shutdown rumors. Said there's problems yes, but not a "OMG, the entire Post office is closing later this year" issue.

Robert Emmerich

Maybe S&P need to downgrade the USPS?

The sky is falling.
The debt ceiling isn't rising.
The post office won't deliver the mail.


The government may have to take the USPS back but I think Lonny had it right. The problem is that it's a protected monopoly. It's halfway between government agency and the private sector. You can't be both, it has to be one or the other. They have real world debts but the secured civil service mindset. The USPS needs to cut the union out, lower wages, cut expenses, and go to 7 day delivery with more part time workers.


Oh gee, do I hear any more let's blame the unions? It's all their fault? Why the heck can't we all just work for minimum wage with no benefits and satisfy corporate America and Marshall forever. Gee, I wish I didn't have any thought process, than I too could sit and watch Fox News while writing down talking points and never have to look behind the numbers.

The truth is, the USPS is required by law to fund the pension plan for 75 years:

"The problem lies elsewhere: the 2006 congressional mandate that the USPS pre-fund future retiree health benefits for the next 75 years, and do so within a decade, an obligation no other public agency or private firm faces. The roughly $5.5 billion annual payments since 2007 — $21 billion total — are the difference between a positive and negative ledger."

Postal Service management recently claimed: “If we were a private company, we would have already filed for bankruptcy and gone through restructuring—much like major automakers did two years ago.” NALC responded by calling this claim the "Big Lie."

If the USPS were a private company, NALC argued, it wouldn't have been subjected to the pre-funding requirement and it would've been profitable, since the pre-funding requirement is responsible for 100 percent of the Service's losses in recent years.

NALC suggests that the problem has an easy fix. Instead of eliminating the requirement for pre-funding future benefits, Rolando says that the Postal Service should be allowed to transfer funds from pension surpluses instead of operating funds. That would continue to fund both pensions and retiree health benefits funded well into the future while putting the operations budget back into a surplus without cutting back on services or laying off workers."

Quit blaming the workers like you're a trained guppy and look behind the numbers. Or we can all work for free like Marshall wants. And no, I don't work for the post office but I'm tired of people taking these Republican hate on the the workers talking points.


i know a woman who has worked for the post office for 26 years and she told me she was losing her job and the post offices will be closed for good soon ..no more mail period


Post office closings are an attempt to consolidate services, especially for those offices that are located close to each other. Yes, some workers will lose their jobs, but what industry hasn't seen that happen over the past five years?


Clydes- see what you have done is set up a straw man argument. It's a logical fallacy where you don't actually quote what I said and instead post something that you actually can argue against. You've also expressed a lot of hate there and decided that you know how I think. That's prejudice and isn't really appreciated.

The unions are good in theory. The problem is that the postal union is way to strong. It removes personal accountability. A postal worker could urinate on your mail and still have their job protected. The unions have also prevented the postal service from cutting needed jobs and yes, pay cuts, to stay profitable. No where did I say people should work for free. I do think people should EARN their pay.

Rather than spewing hate speech, do a little more research next time.

Speaking of benefits. Have you seen how hard it is to get a full time job. Thank the liberals for that. I'd take a full time job without benefits over not getting one at all. However the laws require employers to offer certain things to full time employees and now the employers have responded by removing the jobs in total. You can't bargain for everyone, it just doesn't work. Individual workers have to bargain for themselves. It sucks sometimes. I'm the first to admit that I've had crappy jobs. It's the only way that works however. Unions have killed the auto industry, the postal service, and most of the US production industry. Next time you get a call center in India when you need tech support thank the unions.

Jonathan Trillo

I don't really get why it isn't as simple as 'lets deliver the mail only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.'

Sure jobs will be lost, but gas prices, majority of running costs and wages will be halved.

Do we really need mail EVERY day in this day of age?

Steve Lumley

ClydesMP - nowdays it seems vogue to include words "republican" and "hate" together in the same sentence. Pretty presumptuous and self-serving when trying to make a point. It speaks louder than any point you have to make on this subject. It would be like me calling you stupid for having the other point of view, which if I did would be a human-being improvement over using the word "hate" to apply to millions of people.

I thought both you and Marshall have good points. If I were a postal worker, I would not want to have any of my benefits/promises cut. But in this day and age, it is not that different than what we all will face from social security - regardless of what we feel we deserve, things will have to change.

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