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This will be a PAIN, since a lot of videos I watch are only available in DVDs. Now with the current US Postal problems and the proposal for cancelling of weekend delivery will hurt the DVD side of the business.

John White

Do you want to let Netflix/Qwickster know how much you hate what they are doing? Whatever you do, do not go streaming only. That is exactly why they are doing all of this; they want to push as many customers as possible into the streaming only plan to kill off DVDs as qwickster...uh...quickly as possible.

If you want to show them that it is a bad idea to screw with their customers, go DVD ONLY.

They expected some to cancel. They hoped that most would switch to streaming only to save money. When most kept both (maybe dropping a disc or two to cut costs) they dropped this bomb to try and force us to do what they want. Don't let them push us around!

Drop streaming and go DVD only. When they've got 18 million Qwickster customers, a handful of streamers and the rest cancelling, they will finally realize the customer is king! We will fully adopt streaming and drop physical media when we are ready and not one minute sooner!


Netflix! surely you must be kidding that anyone will pay out good money to watch ANY of these so called movies. My advice to you is to TRY AGAIN and get it right.

D Daro

Two websites is too bad. Ease of use and continuity should take precedence.

I recently dropped streaming. Until they offer new releases in 1080p on the same day Blu-ray is available, I have no use for a subscription fee based streaming service. So for me the issue is mute.

Russell Brazil

I just opted out of the DVD service. I will go to Redbox for my DVD movie needs. If I find that the tv shows I want to watch are not available on streaming...then I may look to Hulu that has a better tv selection.

While I was annoyed with the 60% price increase on my plan, I decided that the $6 was not a big deal. But not integrating the two websites, that is what has ultimately made me decide to cancel the DVD subscription.

Dustin Thornton

I stopped the DVD subscription. I will probably go with Blockbuster....I hate to but Netflix isn't what it used to be. It was about the customer and now I feel like that don't care about us anymore. So I am doing the only thing that I think will hopefully show them that they messed up. I'm leaving.

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