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Why does anybody care what it's called? How does it change anything? Keep sending movies to my house every couple of days and they can call it Rapeflix for all I care.


How about "redbox"? I do not see where this goes, so cannot come up with a non-stupid name.

Account Deleted

It's not the greatest name, for sure. Though at least it's not as bad as "Qriocity". I think it's almost always a bad idea to kill or deemphasize a brand name that, despite this latest bout with consumers in the media, has a lot of goodwill. "NetFlix" is a VERB for a lot of people at this point. So from that angle, I question the decision. Ultimately though, the name will mean less than whether people continue to have a good experience with the service. If NetF.., er Qwikster, refines recommendations to make them more meaningful and doesn't slack off on content acquisition, the added benefit of getting game rentals will probably even out any loss of faith from the name change and the need to access two separate services. Personally, it's that last thing that bothers me the most.

Isaac Hummel

It sounds like Qwik-E-Mart from the Simpsons bonded to Napster. Terrible name, and ten years out of date.

Noor Almtowaq

i dont the name "Qriocity" because it kinda hard to say it. I can say it but telling a family hey what movie do u want me to get from "Qriocity" really are you joking to me.

if this happens two spilt website dvd and instant. they butter make instant watch little better a whole new world. I mean look at "Qriocity" welcome it looks really nice. we know is going to be dvds but now i want to talk about netflix instant watch. what i am looking for is

Epixhd link because starz is leaving
Current series page to find shows
Different types Movies unlimited and shows
my queue
a link or something showing top 10 movies and top 10 shows been watch
and more


I think at this point in time, Quackster is the only appropriate name.


@clydesMP I'm too lazy to pronounce Qriocity correctly. I just pronounce it curiosity.

Ken Schaefer

The name is terrible, but like several have said, it really doesn't matter. As long as I get all the DVDs I want at their present delivery speed, I don't care much what it's called. Still, a coool name would have been nice. I agree with Reed, it will probably grow on us.


I don't really care what the name is per se, I care about the results.

That said I am still curious, why Qwikster. I suppose "Qwik" is to make you think it is a quick service. But it takes more than 24 hours to get a movie how is that quick?

I agree with others that its just a way of prepping the DVD business to be sold. Then they will use that money to enter into large content deals. I think they are going for the jugular.


How has no one suggested the name "Qwikflix" yet? Yes, the name still sucks but at least it'd still have the "flix" on the end and use the "qwik" that the marketing team must be thinking they're extremely clever for thinking up.

No matter what the name is, the split sucks. The only thing I care about is integration - and there is none! Ridiculous.


I think I'll go with QUITster. That is what I'll be when I drop NF at the end of this month.



I think the name choice is curious.

The great thing about the Netflix DVD business is... convenience. It's not quick. It never has been. Streaming is quick. Running to the video store, while not instantaneous, was always quicker than Netflix.

The genius of Netflix was how easy and convenient it was. No late fees, the next DVDs in your queue arrive automatically...

How did they end up choosing a name like Qwikster? I'm not trying to say coming up with a new brand name is easy - it would be virtually impossible to come up with anything that people will embrace. But I really don't understand the underlying message of the brand name Qwikster.


GoPostal seems an apropriate name at the moment.


As some commentators have suggested, I think they picked a bad name like Qwikster on purpose. It's kind of cheesy and really Netflix wants nothing to do with this business anyway. It's not like Qwikster is going to become a large company - the whole reason Netflix created it is because DVD is dead. Wait a few years and they will sell it off, which is probably their whole intention.

Robert Emmerich

"The first thing that comes to mind is that they want it to be a separate business, possibly for a sale, so they went away from variations on Netflix."

Obviously this, with emphasis on SALE. "wholly owned subsidiary" my @ss. It is a good split for 1 guy though, the new CEO probably gets a huge pay raise.

Oh, and for those reading this trying to think up names, they didn't put "movie" "DVD" or "film" in the title b/c they are going to offer games. MediaMail is the best I've come up with, but it's already taken by BoostMobile. Names are hard.

Related - Book of the Month became Bookspan became Direct Brands. MailDirect and DirectMail are also both taken.

Steve Lumley

Ok, most of us do not like the name. But most everybody that does not subscribe has heard and seen the name Netflix. I don't understand why Netflix is not trying to employ the name recognition they have to further whatever goal it is they have (whether I agree with it or not). It seems like a very bad decision. Qwikster does nothing to describe what it means (i.e. Blockbuster, or even Redbox - everyone has seen Redbox) - Netflix is pretty descriptive for just one name.
I just don't get it.


Netflix got me upset with everything their doing.

See the new page lolol


Clay and Deanne Broughton

Well I can think of so many companies that sell different types of services and they don't need multiple names for each type of product. Makes no sense. Amazon is a perfect example of that. So clearly they tend to distance themselves and then sell it. So should I be investing time effort giving ratings to a interface that is going to be sold to who knows who? Nah.

If I have to manage two sites for dvd and streaming well why not switch at least dvds with Blockbuster.Give them a try.

I think moving my 2 dvds at a time account to Blockbuster for now and get the first month free. If you drop off the video at a store you get a free movie and hey they might just have a new release on the shelves too.

But 14.99 for two dvds at one time. Plus they don't charge extra for BlueRay dvds. I think I need to diversify so I have more options. Stream for now with Netflix for 7.99 and then rent dvds with Blockbuster is a better deal. If you don't want to drop dvds at a store once in awhile then you can pick the plan without that option and pay only 13.99 for two dvds.

Also Blockbuster may very well take advantage of the situation and offer unlimited streaming while so many Netflix customers are fuming. Easy sell. They are getting a lot of calls from Netflix customers or shall I say ex Netflix customers. It should be interesting to see what Blockbuster numbers are at the end of this month and at the end of December if they go regular quarterly periods.

But once a customer switches to another company or stradles the fence with one account with each one it is much easier for customer to take full advantage of new offerings and to switch entirely to a better deal. Plus the company's practices have been vetted by the consumer so not too many surprises unless you have the CEO of Netflix running the company into the ground.

This Friday Blockbuster intends on an announcement. You don't have to jump ship this month on Netflix, you can always do it next month and that should really make an impact on 4 quarter earnings. Who knows others may also put their hat in the ring on this. One door slams shut with Netflix another door opens with .....


It's obviously a bad name on purpose to ruin the business and close it down.

Herkimer S

Dumbest name they could have possibly come up with. Does it mean they want to sell the business? Good God. No one in their right mind is going to buy a business named Quikster. Unbelievable.


It is beyond dumb - it's hokey, tacky. At least something like QwikFlix has some continuity to it.


A Qwikster is something you give your car. "Hey Bob did you get your car detailed?...Yea..I didn't get the full detail package just the qwikster, is cheaper.."


Mike Ekholm

Let me see if I have this correct. The 12 million, of 21.8 million people in their customer base (i.e. 55 percent of their customers) will now be getting a customer experience from from two websites, from two completely segregated divisions of the company. The CEO of this company's response to this is "well, the envelopes will still be red". Why would you want to make this change to the majority of your customer base?

Wilde Sage

No doubt Qwikster is a terrible name. Completely obscure, unidentifiable, sounds like a really bad splash page for an overnight corporation straight out of 1995.

Everyone keeps saying "why doesn't it have flix in the name?" Obviously they're trying to distinguish this company from Netflix proper, plus they're not just delivering movies, they'll be doing games too, so it would be foolish to choose anything that mentions movies in the title.

I don't care, though: I already stopped my dvds, and I won't be going back. I never watched them, they just sat on my shelf. At least the price increase spurred me to go ahead and stop them, I guess I should thank them for that.

PC Linux

It makes me wonder if Reed Hastings has any peers that he listens to. Makes me wonder if he has any friends. Friends don't let friends name their business something that no one can spell correctly. QuickStir, right?

Amitrajit Chatterjee

Sounds like a scamster company. Nigerian spam mails has similar company names. What a moron.

Patrick Gray

If they are trying to distance it from Netflix I'm not sure what would be a good name. But Qwikster just makes me think of Jeffster.

David Allard

I don't like the name--reminds me of Napster. I also don't like that I'll have to go to TWO websites to manage the two queues. Very dumb move on NF's part and likely it was a selfish move on their part. I can foresee no benefit to their customers.


Who cares about the name? Yes, it is dumb and MailFlix would have been a lot better.

I am much more upset about the long wait, very long wait, there's-not-a-chance-in-hell-we-will-ever-mail-you-this-disc, notices in my queue.

Also the extra $4.00 for the privilege of waiting for blu-ray titles should go away.

Streaming is lousy quality, and it will eventually p*ss off Comcast. Till streaming can hit the 30-45Mbps+ that blu-ray gives it is not for me.


I think it is a strong possibility that Reed Hastings is seriously considering selling the DVD operations. To sell the DVD operations, you would need to:

1. Decouple billing. Since most credit card processors charge a flat fee plus a percent, having two billings instead of one means twice the number of processing fees for that estimated 12 million customers who they think will be making use of both services. You don't blindly increase your expenses without a very good reason.

2. Decouple web sites and databases. We soon will have separate web sites, no sharing of billing data, address data, or even ratings data--the two will be completely separate. That is what the Information Technology department would need to do to sell off a division. This is what is planned in the very near future.

3. Move the disc operations away from the Netflix headquarters so there is no concern about co-location of Netflix with some other company's operations. This is being done.

4. Pick a company name that doesn't tie the disc operations to Netflix. There is no hint of "Netflix" in the "Qwikster" name, making the disc operations more palatable to potential buyers. (The continuing of red envelopes is to not shock the existing 14.2 million disc subscribers.

So my suspicion is that Netflix is grooming Qwikster to sell so they can raise cash for licensing more streaming content, preferably content that the majority of the 21.8 million streaming subscribers will enjoy watching. (I read a recent article that said the majority of the high ratings don't go to old movies, but to TV shows, and that is what Netflix will be interested in acquiring. And when I think of the streaming I have done in the past few months, looking at hours, not numbers of titles, TV shows come out on top on both hours watched and 4 and 5 star ratings given. And TV shows, on the most part, don't show off the compression artifacts like an action & adventure movie.)

It may be interesting for Netflix in the next few years because you can raise cash by selling off the disc operations only once. And I hope whoever buys the disc operations is really interested in keeping it up to snuff instead of just draining it dry.

James Mouw

I vote for NoFlix since that's what they're going to be sending me in the future.

Cory Spicer

Uhhh, pretty sure "Flickr" is already taken. I seem to recall a little photo site or something.


It's not Qwikster.

It's QwikSALE.

Who will the buyer be?


To say he is grooming the dvd business to be sold is like beating the heck out of your car with a sledgehammer prior to sale.

Its not going to help.

But, he is thinking years out...about the streaming model.

Wouldnt be surprised that eventually, they have some kind of "basic" subscription, like cable, and then the a higher priced tier to two with some kind of revenue sharing with the studios for that content.

NF can save a lot of postage by just having everything available streaming right away.

But, instead of $7.99,

Its going to be something like $12.99, $19.99 and $29.99 with perhaps some À la carte for those on the lower tiers. An extra $1.99 to see some hot new release.

It was bound to happen. The studios werent just going to sit back & watch netflix get rich by giving their content away.

The problem is, if we do lose all these customers, its going to make it harder to keep prices down without giving up important content.

Why not "DVDs & Games by Mail" rather than qwikster ?

or quickster. OR Qwickster or however you spell it.

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