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Jennifer Gurniak

subtitles for the hearing impaired.


Movies are OK, but I'd rather have more TV shows. Specifically more sitcoms. Taxi, I Love Lucy, Big Bang, King of Queens, Simpsons! Oh and more Sci-fi, Star Trek DS9, Fringe, Dr. Who.

Rose Frasier

I'd like to have an option to rewatch a series from scratch. As in...when my kids have seen all the Spongebob cartoons (and they have), we could wipe the record of that clean and start watching them again. Otherwise, it's hard to tell which ones you've only seen once and which ones you've seen a few times.

Kale Barton

Return single page viewing of Instant Queue and other genres to the Netflix apps that featured it (ESPECIALLY PS3 users) before the mass change over to the current scroll across in one line nightmare that nobody likes or asked for, and have spent months begging for it to be reverted.

Obviously, multiple queues for differet members of a household-this, I don't understand why it can't be implemented. Allow up to 3, labeled 1, 2, and 3. Assign a thumbnail cover...those are displayed in a row on the app. You click on 1, 2, or 3, and the alternate queue is displayed. A passcode would be nice to prevent kiddies from seeing R rated covers, but older apps on blu ray players may not have the horsepower to deal with that, but it's better than nothing.


I'd like to be able to sort my queue by multiple variables and not just by the order entered into the system. Sometimes, I'd like to sort by genre and then sub-sort by star ratings; for example, I'd be able to use it to pick the highest rated exercise video. Similarly, I'd like to be able to sort by genre so I could more easily see all the TV series I already have in the queue.


The ONLY thing I dislike about Netflix is the "best guess ratings". I just want to see what movies are actually rated by people who've seen them. I want to go to Netflix, go to a genre and rank the movies by rating and see what people say is good. Not what some weird computer formula thinks I'll like.

I should be able to go to horror section and see a top 3 of something like Exorcist, Shining and Psycho. Instead I have a top 3 of Son of Frankenstein, Werewolf of London and Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus.

Then I go to the bottom rankings and I have 5 of the bottom 10 in my queue right now. It makes no sense.

After that I'd like to see Netflix ban the IPs of everybody who whines about streaming not having new releases.


I've long wished Netflix would add the ability for users to add a notation to selections in the queue to remind us why we added it to the queue. I might not remember that I added whatever movie just because I wanted to see whatever actor. Of course the personal notes would only be viewable to the users.

I don't really care about ratings but I wish they would add something new between the "didn't like it" and "liked it." Those are too vague, and what's the difference between "really liked it" and "loved it"?

Nick Ramsey

For a tech company that wants to position itself as an innovator in the industry, Netflix sadly lacks the features found in the most basic media players. Where to start . . .

1) Playlists
2) Play all button (or play all starting from specific ep.) for TV series
3) Save title option for Instant Queue
4) User-created tags; sortable tags; searchable tags
5) More Email/RSS: alerts for expiring instant streaming titles, Saved Instant Watch Availability (see #3), etc.

There are a lot of obvious features missing from the Netflix interfaces. I wish Netflix would adopt Gmail's attitude--flexible user-controlled interface for greater customization.


I want the top 7 movies from my instant queue to STOP getting pushed down to #183-189.

Its happned at least a half dozen times over the last 4 months.

I want more than 7-10 days notice before a movie in my instant queue ends or goes away.

How about giving us 2-4 weeks anyway ?

I wish they would go back to letting us rate individual seasons of certain episodes.

I have called repeatedly about the above things so NF is well aware of them.

Fanatical about the netflix experience ? Sure doesnt seem like it from the cheap seats.

Another thing, I wish they would let us make small "notes" about certain movies.
(Watched 7 of 18 episodes or something like that)

Ebay allows me to make notes on auctions Im watching.


what a terrible Homophobic example.


I usually just browse through the categories looking for something that looks interesting. I'd like to have a shuffle button that gives me new movies in each category rather than seeing same movies every time I check my Roku.


I would like to be able to subscribe to a TV show and be emailed when new episodes are added.

Also, I wish I could either have separate instant queues for my kids, or at least have folders in my queue so that it isn't a mile long with stuff my kids watch. This would all have to work on Roku.


I'd also like to see a feature where we can block certain titles and categories. Blockbuster, which I now use, has this feature, and it lets me manage my queue and browsing better. After 10 years, I left Netflix-unless Amazon buys the streaming portion-then I will return, as I still prefer Netflix's recommendations and other browsing features, and as a consumer, I'd prefer an integrated interface, such as an Amazon screen where I can "buy", "rent", "stream", etc all in one place.


i like netflix to add more tv shows and all the night mare on elm street movies on streaming also a haunting from discovery channel

The Dude

I can't believe no one has said this yet--how about integrated streaming and dvd-by-mail for one low price, like $9.99?


Multiple queues

John White

I would like:

- More sorting options
- Separate queues for each family member

BTW, I found out a couple of things that some may not yet know, so I thought I would share the info.

I called NF customer support because I was unable to add titles to my IW queue. My queue was showing 350 titles, yet when I tried to add a title I would get a message stating that my queue already had 500 titles, so it wasn't added. This is caused by the saved queue we can no longer see. Yes, prior to losing the ability to see the saved queue, mine contained 150 titles that were once available to stream, but are now unavailable.

It turns out that only happens when you try to add from certain search result pages (i.e., search for an actor's name and then try to add titles to your IW queue from the results list.) If you view the actual page for the title, you can successfully add the title to your queue. This can be a bit of a pain, if you want to add multiple titles from a single search, but at least it is a viable work-around.

The other thing is that, according to the CSR, even though Netflix and Quikster will be completely independent websites, there will still be links from Netflix to Quikster for titles that are only available on disc. So if you search for a title on Netflix that is not currently available for streaming, you will get a link that will take you to that title on the Quikster page so that you can add the disc to your queue over there.

The CSR wasn't sure if there would be links going the other way (from Quikster to Netflix, indicating a title is currently available for streaming if you are looking for the disc.) I imagine they would want this, as they would prefer to push people more to streaming.

Obviously this feature is only meaningful if your membership includes both discs and streaming.


I would like for them to fulyl disclosed when all titles are set to expire. telling me a show with multiple seasons will expire in a week is not good enough. Right now I have to go to 3rd party sites to do this.

David Sal

Spanish subs in us site.

Steve Lumley

@concerened - the gay comment Jamison from Jamison isn't necessarily homophobic. nowdays, it's not good enough just to tolerate and accept another's lifestyle - were expected to like and approve it and say so publicly. And that is intollerant.


- Original aspect ratio on everything
- No picture jitter/strobing as is the case with a few standard def titles

Steve Lumley

I'd like playlists, sorting, or even folders, and export this ability to Roku, etc.


Let me hit PAUSE when streaming is buffering. This would allow me to take a potty break, clean the gutters, file my taxes, whatever, while the dang show loads. It's infuriating to leave the room when I'm waiting for the buffer, only to have to skip back and wait for more buffering.
Let me SET A STREAMING SPEED PREFERENCE, and lock it in for everything. On my SD CRT-screen TV, there's no point in quality better than the 1750 stream, and I won't accept anything less (I don't like watching lego-block TV).
Ditto on the separate streaming queues.


I'm in Canada, and now that they've introduced Facebook integration, it's taking up the whole second row of the main page, and suggesting a bunch of crap far from my interests, even though I have NO interest in linking up with Facebook.

A way to remove all Facebook crap would be great.

Steve Lumley

@RJM - isn't it maddening when your queue reorders itself? I've also talked to Netflix several times about this (had it happened 6 times). Only once was it possibly because I was using a script program to sort my queue - but it happened 5 times before I ever did. There is obviously some sort of bug - and THAT is something basic Netflix should take seriously and fix. So, I hope it stops happening for you, too.


1. Advanced search features. Seriously, users can't even search within categories on NF--what is this, 1992?

2. Better notification when Watch Instantly content is expiring. Hulu sends me an email when content is disappearing; surely NF could implement a similar system.

3. Content tracking. I'd love to know when more discs/episodes are available for a series/actor/director I like. Again, NF needs to retain subscribers by making content easy to find, so why not supply the tools we need to do so?

4. Multiple queues would be nice, but NF will never, ever add them. Why? The company has already faced legal issues connected with multiple simultaneous streaming on the same account. Although there is no official word on how many simultaneous streams a user will be able to run once NF/Qwikster split, I wouldn't count on more than one at a time. NF wants users to pay for multiple accounts, both DVD and streaming. The lack of multiple streams connected to the number of DVDs at a time is another reason I have no need to retain a NF and Qwikster account. Looks like Netflix and Blockbuster accounts for me. Or perhaps Blockbuster, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. AP is really hustling for content now, making it a more attractive option by the day. (I wouldn't discount a NF buyout by Amazon either.)

PS. For the users who would like advanced queue sorting: check out the Netflix Queue Sorter script for Greasemonkey (https://www.userscripts.org/scripts/show/35183). Sometimes it takes amateurs to do a professional's job.


Add English subtitles to all videos. I am deaf!


Closed captioning! Netflix says streaming is a priority, but it has yet to deliver on a two-year-old promise to provide English subtitles to those who need them.


Agree about hating "Best Guess" ratings. Whatever their algorithm is, it doesn't work.

I'll never understand why they couldn't offer a one-click, pay-per-rental DVD by mail add on. I'll pay for streaming, and every now and then spring for an additional single title by mail for $1.99.

There, solved your problems--was that so hard?



At least two separate queues.

More old TV shows and miniseries such as ER, Ben Casey, Playhouse 90, North and South.


By the way, the "best guess" ratings always work for me.


Add any movie to the streaming saved section the way you can with DVD (how else will I know when they add The Black Swan?)

Manually order the queue (like DVDs are now so I know when I turn it on, the movie I most want to watch is the one at #1)

Sort queue by my manual list, expiration date, alphabetical, running time, genre, release year, etc (and preserve my manual list even if I switch away from it)

Add future subscriptions (notify me if you ever add a movie directed by Christopher Nolan or starring George Clooney)

Once I watch finish watching a movie and rate it, remove it from my streaming queue (also goes for rating and returning a DVD, but with the Qwikster split I'm sure that's too much to hope for)

It's easier to browse a streaming queue of hundreds on my computer than on my PS3 or Roku. So you could add a button to the website that says "Start playing on my... [PS3, Roku, etc]". I find what I want, click play, and go to that room to find it starting.

I mostly use streaming to watch a handful of TV shows, so I ALWAYS want it to show my "Recently Watched" group (which the PS3 sometimes has, sometimes doesn't... and of course, this wouldn't be an issue if I could manually sort the entire queue.)



I have to keep the TV sound down late at night.

No captioning is the only reason I don't watch more of my streaming Netflix content.


Bring back the ability to watch over IPv6. You used to be able to watch over IPv6 by using ipv6.netflix.com until Netflix switched to using Amazon's cloud platform.


Subtitles or CC are absolutely necessary for my families viewing.


Zoom feature to make the video full screen remove the black spaces. 4.3 aspect ratio with full screen crop features I can do this with my digital tv so why not with streaming Netflix video!!!


I would like the ability to view every single streaming show and video available (excluding not interested) with the ability to sort by rating, release date, rating.

A new releases section containing all tv shows and movies sortable by the same fields would be great also.

I currently have to use another site to know what is coming soon and expiring soon. Adding that onto the site would be great. For example we would know when the bond movies will just disappear and also know when Sons of Anarchy Season 3 will appear.


Well, more content is probably first and foremost. I'm on the fence about keeping streaming, since very few of the TV shows I really want to watch are available to stream, and it's even worse with movies.

As far as features go, multiple queues is the top of my list. Next is to have an option to remove it from my streaming queue if I have watched it on DVD. Third, additional filters.


I would like it if the "top picks" did not include things you already have in your queue. Also, the android app needs to let you set the video quality depending on whether you want to save bandwidth or have better picture quality (I know you can do it through the website but that affects all streaming and not just the app). Ideally there would be separate settings for 3g, 4g, and wifi connections. Finally, make the queue wrap around on the 360 and android versions (on the Wii, if you press left at the start of your queue it takes you to the end, but not on the 360 or android versions).


What has been compelling about Netflix to this point is that it's been a movie portal. Generally, a movie is listed, whether or not it's available, and I can maintain a list of movies I want to watch.

If Netflix shows me only what's available at the moment and pretending the rest of the universe doesn't exist, then it's just another TV channel as far as I'm concerned, and not very compelling.

The queue is key. The queue is priceless intel. You're screwing it up. Knock it off.

Or don't, because I'm quitting you in ten days anyway -- your recent actions have made me aware of how much less valuable you are to me than you used to be, and how you're making it worse.

But if you want growth, and you want former customers back, you better figure out why you were liked in the first place.


Now that Netflix has split into streaming and DVD-by-mail they need to end the 28-day waiting period for new releases as it is now ridiculous to force customers from one side of the company to wait for new releases just because it helps the streaming options for the other side. Basically they now split, raised prices drastically and still force the DVD wait period? This is absolutely absurd and I wish I could tell this to the idiots in charge of Netflix. I used to have streaming and DVD-by-mail because it was all in one plan for a price that made sense, but now there is no way I'm paying for both, and yet I'll still have to wait 28 days... ridiculous.

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