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I've always felt the Starz content was pretty useless. The quality of the streams isn't as good as others. Usually never in HD. Quality of movies is even worse. Usually whenever I look at a movie and see "Starz Play" I ignore it. There are a couple of movies on there I want to watch before they go away. But most of their offering is nothing but crap like White Chicks and Harry and the Hendersons and they don't have the TV series library that HBO or Showtime have. The only show they have I wanted to see was Torchwood and they won't even put it on there.

Seeing as how most of the few good things Starz offers are Sony movies, I don't see why Netflix doesn't offer the money they were offering Starz to Sony and cut out the middle man.

David Herman

To be honest, I don't really like the Starz content. Streaming quality is abysmal. I prefer the library of Anime (for me), Comedy Performances (for the wife) and Kids shows (for my Daughter).

I would really like to see more up-to-date of the shows on USA Network and Syfi (considering better access to content was a pre-condition of the Comcast/Universal merger)


Netflix is going to die if they don't acquire licenses...

They already lost Sony's films. Starz brings many recent contents, and I personally don't want to pay to watch movies from the 70s.

Starz streaming quality is just really really nice with a PS3 and GoogleTV, absolutely not different of the other content.

I will probably cancel my subscription by the end of the year now that I have cable with all the premiums channels but I really hope that Netflix will find a way to get recent movies.

Michael Morowitz

Children's content is terrific and our primary usage (Sesame Street, Thomas, Yo Gabba Gabba).

We've watched quite a few classic and foreign films over the past couple years and we're currently watching Twin Peaks.

I'd love to see some more PBS content, more fitness videos, more classic film (A Criterion category like Hulu would be great). Also more "off the air" TV shows in general (The Shield comes to mind).


I personally enjoy many of the movies on Starz and most definitely enjoy the old western tv shows they have. I get Encore Westerns Movie channel on Dishnetwork and prefer watching those shows on Netflix rather than Dish do to that they are in order. Plus in my opinion they look better on Netflix too. I suppose i'll haqve to start watching those titles on dish once Starz ends on Netflix.


I currently use DVDs for new releases and streaming for TV shows.

The only shows I liked on Starz were Party Down and Spartacus. I am happy to rent those on DVDs to get new content as no new shows are being released soon and Starz movies are bad and the quality is worse.

Shows I like/have liked:
Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Office, Damages, 24, Prison Break, Lost, Arrested Development, Luther, Sherlock, The League, Dollhouse, Camelot, Kidnapped,

Content I would like added:
The Walking Dead, United States of Tara, Entourage, Game of Thrones, True Blood (HBO is doubtful so hopefully more 4.5-5.0 rated series that are within the past few years)

Content I didn't like...almost everything released in 2010 and 2011 are movies that flopped...but I still watch the 3 star shoot 'em up movies and regret it a little.


I HATE watching Starz movies. They usually look like crap. Good riddance.

Chance Rushing

I like some of the content offered by Starz and I think the choice on Netflix streaming will really be downgraded by its loss unless Netflix can acquire seperate licenses for content. I like the anime and Kids shows and TV series avaliable but like others 70's and 80's B grade movie choices just don't do it for me. As for quality I have my stream throttled anyways so it all streams a Stars quality or less, if I want HD I get a DVD or Bluray.


I recently got into Pawn Stars. If it werent for netflix streaming i wouldnt have watched a lot of tv shows like Lost, Pawn Stars or Arrested Development.

As far as movies I watch a few but its mostly tv shows. Ive been watching futurama reruns every night before I go to sleep since the show started. Even through the time it was off the air. When Netflix streaming came along I was finally able to erase them off my dvr. I believe I get more than my moneys worth because of the tv shows.


I have Starz on my cable, it won't matter. I do agree that the quality of Starz content doesn't seem as good on Netflix, I usually DVR it on the HD channel and watch it there.

I do worry about the studios being anti-Netflix and will enough good movie/show titles disappear from Netflix streaming to where I won't want to watch it. I am not there yet but I will hate when Netflix gets to that point.

I do like the Netflix app and that it is on so many devices, I would rather just have the one app then multiple apps on fewer devices.

Noor Almtowaq

Picture this:
In 2007 netflix started streaming horrible titles really dead titles. Movies that i wont even play or click on it. But in april 2008 the first i sign up for netflix i watch karate kid all 3 parts , matilda , searching for bobby, jumaji , baby's day out there were some good titles. Fall 2008 we got starz more titles then ever. this year epixhd came which one movie comes 90 days. next year will be end of starz biggest library ever. It will hurt us so much but few month ago when sony films left it really hurt me on those good titles i was looking forward from starz.

John Berry

I thought the Starz contract was pretty much useless, and is going affect Netflix streaming capabilities in the near future. Netflix is starting to feel the pinch, and is going to start sinking soon if they don't find more contracts anytime soon.


SPARTACUS. I tuned in every week to see this show air on netflix. During the time that show was coming out fresh on Netflix I was extremely happy with the value that was 9.99 a month. I'm going to miss it and I hope that they can make a deal for at least that show.

Gianfranco Espinoza

This is really going to hurt Netflix in the long run, I think. Not to say that Starz content was great but Netflix will only thrive if they have a large library of both recent and classic movies and TV shows available for streaming appealing to all of their different subscribers. Especially with the price increase that many people are already unhappy with. Unless they can strike a deal with the studios directly, which I doubt will happen anytime soon because of their hesitation to provide there content online, then Netflix will have to deal with a sub-par content offering, at this point they need to strike all of the licensing agreements they can. All we can do is hope for the best.


Starz content was worthless. The quality was unwatchable (yes, even on PS3; I'm glad someone thinks that it made a difference what you watched it on, but I never noticed any change that was dependent upon platform). I would have been impressed with it back in 1999-2000, but not today.

More recently, I've been really enjoying Epix, CBS, and NBC content. The Epix movies may be SD, but they look fantastic. I've been watching a ton of Star Trek TV episodes recently, as well as watching the show Medium for the first time (I'm now halfway through the 2nd season).


I would love for Netflix streaming to acquire more vintage television such as: Three's Company, Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, Bewitched, I Love Lucy, etc.


Most of what I watch on Netflix is TV series. We've recently watched Twin Peaks, Mad Men, Arrested Development, and 30 Rock. We're also into high quality anime like Mushi Shi, Death Note, and most recently, Darker than Black.

I very occasionally watch a movie on Netflix but my viewing habits are such that I want to watch the movie I want, so more often than not I get a movie craving and end up renting it from iTunes on my AppleTV.

So as far as I'm concerned TV is where the value of Netflix streaming is, so I'd love to see them get more awesome TV shows like Breaking Bad (which they added just as we were finishing up the 2nd season on DVD!)


@Jonathan : of course the quality can be different between platforms, a PS3 and a Apple TV for example don't work the same way, don't use the same buffering, resolution can be different, wifi can be not as good as on the other which can be decrease the quality of the streaming, and that's just few examples of how streaming can be different between equipment.
I have a 25 Mbps internet connection, an flatscreen HDTV, and yes the quality of Starz content is just as good as any other content on Netflix. And I'm in France, stream has to cross the ocean, you think that's why it is better on my end ?? ;-)


@Eban While you're correct, devices can be different, I think the PS3 definitely would have the advantage from a processor capability standpoint. Having said that, I have a Roku2, PS3, and Apple TV. I think they all look about the same. I prefer the PS3 interface so I use that most for Netflix.

I think the most likely reason your Starz quality is better is due to your location more so than anything else. Starz in the US looks pixelated and is mostly unwatchable. I groan when I see that symbol there because I know I won't want to watch the content (even on my bedroom 720p 32" set). I think Starz deliberately has Netflix scale their content down since they are looking at Netflix as more of a reason to gain cable subscribers. In France, I'm guessing there is no such restriction.

I, for one, am enjoying watching TV series like Psych and Veronica Mars that I missed the first time around. I also love watching ST:TNG or Cheers that I've seen before but would always revisit.

My kids love all the kids programming. All the PBS shows and other educational fare have been great in addition to Spider-man and his Amazing Friends and other nostalgic fare from my childhood that I love sharing with them.

The cut to streaming only was easy. I had the same discs home from July. At $8 a month, I consider Netflix (and Hulu) great values. If I want a new release, I watch on Vudu or buy the Blu-Ray. Honestly though, I've cut down on that as both Netflix and Hulu have more than enough entertainment for my TV watching dollar.


The main thing I disliked about the stars content is the titles almost always were edited out content and/or altered aspect ratios compared to the disc releases. So I don't think I'll miss having it as it will free up the money to obtain better content.

As far as what I want to see streaming: Simply any TV show don't have episodes only available on disc. I had one show that I had to get every disc of the season anyways to watch one episode on each disc because of that. Also everything in the correct aspect ratios I'm sick of finding like 1 out of 4 titles in 4:3 cuts of widscreen titles. Ultimately everything available instantly but for now I am finding plenty of movies and TV stuff to watch.


@EbanOnAir - I think you misinterpreted my point. I fully agree that different platforms can have varying picture quality, but the Starz content is bad because the source encode is poor. No amount of finessing and picture processing on any platform can make gold out of crap. Now, I don't know if things may differ in France. Maybe you get a different encode, as Derrick suggests. If your picture looks good, you'd have to be...

@Derrick - Nice shout out for Spidey and His Amazing Friends! That show was my holy grail for years until they finally started replaying it on ABC Family. Now we can watch it without all of those awful logos and ads covering up half the screen...


Even ignoring logos & ads over the screen, you almost certainly were not seeing the entire episode when in reruns, due to syndication cuts. (The streamed episodes say they're 24 minutes long, which sounds about right for the era.)

A Facebook User

At first I was angry they took away free streaming, but now I am glad they separated the streaming from the DVD service. It made the DVD service cheaper.

In my opinion the streaming service is junk. I watched a few movies here and there with streaming, but if I wanted to watch a first run movie I had to get it on the disc.

I think Netflix will have to expand their streaming service to first run movies if they want to stay competitive.


@DerrickSwistak & Jonathan : Maybe my location helps to get a better quality, it would be the first time I got something better in France than everywhere else in the world haha
But sincerely, if I could post a video, I would record 5 minutes of a movie just to prove that the quality is as good as other content on Netflix (nothing compared to a Blu-Ray even for HD content). The only thing isn't good is the Starz introduction, with the logo, the quality is quite awful, but after few seconds the quality adjust and it's all good.

Anyway, I really think that Netflix is going to suffer in a near future, looks like an anti Netflix conspiracy is there outside.


Checked them all and I did not see anything that I just had to see before they leave in Feb.


Not every starz title is bad, but some of them are (the movie encode is as bad as the starz intro, if not worse). Early on I think nearly every title was bad. I don't watch that many starz titles, but I don't see nearly as many bad encodes lately.

I think we're getting a distorted impression. In many cases we're just hearing how bad the intro is, because so many people now refuse to watch a movie once they see the intro.


I would love to see them get some more documentaries from National Geographic, The History Channel, and Discovery.

The best movie i saw from Starz lately was Salt. I started watching Toy Story 3, but had to stop. The stream for that was horrible. IP man and IP man 2 were pretty cool.


Have Gun Will Travel - one of the best of the western TV genre.
~ Paladin

Cody Michael

Im gonna miss white chicks :/.

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