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I suppose the application for using PlayLater with Netflix would be to watch content offline (off Internet) for purpose off travel or a way to get around concurrent streaming limits. I can't see many people wanting or needing this with Netflix.


Serves them right if they do. They(MediaMall, owners of PlayLater)blocked TubeCore because they had similar technology!


What is the point of recording it when you can watch it anytime you want?

Why would you stream it in the first place if you could not watch it right then?

This is almost as dumb and idea a Zevidia.


mrmanmac, aren't you aware that titles are regularly disappearing from streaming? It's not at all the case that if you watched something on streaming once, it will ALWAYS be there, for the rest of your life.

Because of that, if you would want to rewatch something again in the future, you'd better have your own copy of it, or there's a good chance you'll never see it again at some point.

This is part of the reason I'm not interested in streaming in the first place. As a kid (I was born in the 60s), I found it extremely frustrating that unlike with music, if I experienced a film, I might never see it again once it left theaters. Home video was a godsend for that . . . but then it was still frustrating that so many titles never made it to home video.

Streaming, so far, seems to be a step backwards, because titles routinely disappear from availability, and who knows if you'd ever be able to see them again.

Corey Matney

I like the idea of playlater. I have a security job with 12 hour shifts. We are allowed to watch videos during this time, but are not allowed to use company internet to do so. Playlater would let me record the shows I want to watch while I'm sleeping and then they would be ready when I go to work. I have the 2 dvd plan as well as streaming.


What is the point of recording it when you can watch it anytime you want?

In case you hadn't noticed, that is not always the case.

Last week, I was given a few days notice that 10+ titles in my IW queue were becoming unavailable as of 10/1. Most of these days were weekdays, with limited viewing time available to me due to work and other obligations.

By the time the 1st arrived I had been able to watch a total of 2 of these titles. The others remain unwatched and are now unavailable. Who knows when (or if) they will become available again? Given the fact that I had built up a list of 150+ titles in my IW saved queue (before it disappeared) the chances are not good that it will be anytime soon.

If I had been aware of PlayLater earlier, I could have recorded them so that I could still watch these titles without renting the disc (for those that even have a disc available) or just completely missing out.


Well, this is neat when stuff you want to watch goes off streaming all at once. Ive had 6 go at once and I didnt have a chance to watch them. Playlater would have allowed me to save them.

That said, Im probably not going to fool with it.

i agree that NF will find a way to stop that if it becomes too big.


For $50 a year or $5 a month ?? NO WAY !


First I've heard of PlayLater. What a great idea. I would bet that PlayLater is a big reason -- much more so than anyone thinks -- for the Netflix price increase.


Just get a Mac, a Roku with component out and the Elgato eyeTV HD. No monthly fees and better quality recordings.


I would LOVE it if NF allowed us to "save for later" on some of the streaming video's, as with others I have had times when many come available and I cannot watch them all prior to there removal and times where I only get a few so it is not an issue. I do not mind buying an occasional movie or even running to a redbox if need be but I do not like when I pay for something IE NF and the few shows I like are never available.

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