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Noor Almtowaq

Wait i though amazon wants to sue netflix or againest netflix by 80 bucks a month service.

Robert Emmerich

Amazon Prime videos will not be a selling point for me. I'm going to cancel it after I write this (my free 1 month trial ends tomorrow). Lousy selection - people who complain about NF must never have tried Prime; no alphabetical listings, not even groupings of shows like Dr. Who or Highlander; no que (I use a wishlist but it's not integrated well); only yearly memberships available. NF selection may be limited compared to their DVD selection, but whatever streams streams. I have no idea how Amazon decides what to include in Prime.

Also, Apple just killed HPs tablet. I think Amazon has some brand loyalty for this, but it needs 3g or 4g for mass appeal. I have an iPod 4g and those rare times I'm out of Wi-Fi range are annoying.


The $250 price will include a $79 per year Prime subscription,

What does that mean exactly ?

Free prime forever or for one year ?

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