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This is good news. Although I feel it is only in response to the threat of a lawsuit I applaud this move and Apple has done the right thing. Another positive development is that I have been advised by friends they are noticing increased content available with captions and subtitles via the netflix stream. Regardless of their motivation I think Netlfix is on the right track.


Now if only Microsoft would add subtitles to their Media Center Netflix app for Windows 7.


What about Netflix on Blu-Ray Player?


Roku2 has subtitles? That list is out of date, much like the chart that still ties the number of IW streams to the number of DVDs and says you can only watch one stream at a time. Netflix needs to hire a proof reader and stop trying to commit suicide.

Edward R Murrow

Wait, what? Netflix promised subtitles and Apple delivered on that promise?


Yeah, I was surprised to see that Roku2 wasn't on the list. Netflix really is letting itself go isn't it?


Yeah, Netflix is like a hot girlfriend... as soon as you're married she stops shaving, no more fancy hairstyles, and just isn't as fun as she used to be.


Well, leaving the Roku2 off the list is probably the correct decision for now; nominally they have subtitles enabled, but only some of the time do they actually work. For example, on Roku2 you can see Star Trek The Next Generation with subtitles, but not Star Trek or Enterprise, even though they have menus for enabling them. Also both the latter series can show subtitles on other platforms, like Mac or Wii or iPad. This is true for titles all through the Netflix library - some work, some don't.

Roku claims to be working on the problem. But for now, it's a bit generous to say their hardware supports subtitles.

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Wait, what? Netflix promised subtitles and Apple delivered on that promise?

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