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Grady Hendrix

This is really interesting news, especially taken with the news that they're importing the Norwegian LILYHAMMER to streaming. They recently started streaming a bunch of Korean TV shows, and that's one of the few places online that streaming foreign content has been really lucrative (the site, Dramafever, streams Korean TV and they've gone from being a fan site to being a very lucrative venture in the space of about 3 years).

Netflix has also been looking at a bunch of deals for foreign content that haven't been announced yet as far as I know.

If they could put focus on foreign movies and TV, I actually think they could recapture a significant segment of the marketplace. Foreign films are tremendously under-distributed in the US and there's a market out there for them, but it's not a market that can consistently support theatrical distribution. It'd be great to see Netflix fill this niche.


I don't believe it. It has been reported that Mitchell Hurwitz has been working on a big-screen production for years now - maybe four. All the news updates indicate he is working on finalizing the script, blah blah blah - for at least a couple of years. But now, 5+ years later (it has been listed as either announced or pre-production on IMDB since what, 1997/1998)? I think the emotional on-again-off-again and the musical timeslot, constant preempting and airing episodes out-of-order turmoil Fox put Hurwitz through with the series killed his drive and creativity where Arrested Development is concerned.

In other words, I'll believe it when I see it. :)

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