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Robert Emmerich

Though it may make me sound like an idiot, I'm still not sure what Google Tv is supposed to be, or if Google even knows what it's supposed to be. Kind of like Apple and their Apple TV. Or Microsoft's WebTV waaaay back when. Is it the hardware, the software, or do you need both? Apps only count if you can play Angry Birds, like you can on the Roku. And the Roku looks better every day. I don't know why Google Tv isn't a PS3/Xbox360/Wii app since it can't get tv anyway. And I already have a cable box.

I guess it's not for me cause I just don't get it.


I love my google tv especially my young baby boy. I love the way it integrates with my Moxi DVR too. For the $99 price tag you can't go wrong with the Wireless RF keyboard. I use the GoogleTV mostly for watching netflix, youtube (sesame street) lol and streaming sports. I love the ability to search for somehing on Google while watchin a TV show without going to my computer. While watching news i can further read up on stuff while google t shows you a small screen. By the way, i both have a Roku and an Apple Tv and to me google tv fits me perfectly. I was using Roku mostly for Netflix so I dont have to use it as much now. Apple TV was nice and simple but I had to even jailbreak it to get more out of it but the killer to me was entering data. Try to enter search items with the remote. It just kills the experience. The original price point of $300 was too much and I dont think I would have gotten it for that price. Long stor short we love Google TV and I cant wait for the update.

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