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Hope you all all well Mike up there in the NE area (I'm in NW Florida) Sunny Flori-Duh!



Wow, its 75 deg here.

Russ s

U must be in the Hartford area I'm about 20
Minutes away in Chester it's crazy cuz we didn't get hit at all lots of friends in Middletown with all kinds of problems. [email protected] If I can help


I live in Houston, Tx (unfortunately). That pic is simply amazing! WOW!!
Thanks so much for all your great work and stay warm as you can!


The kids must have loved a white Halloween. Happens in Western NY every once in a while but not like that.

Robert Emmerich

I was wondering how you were doing up there, apparently not too good. Reminds me I need to cover my deck furniture before the next freaky storm hits. I've been clipping newspaper articles for my kids the past few years and I think we've had enough weather "history" by now - nor'easters, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, flooding and even an earthquake. We only got a smattering on Long Island this time and surprisingly didn't even lose power.

We lost power for 5 days (99 1/2 hours) from Irene. 3 good things came of it - my 10 yr. old fridge/freezer is as cleaner than new inside; my monthly electric bill was $66 (normally $100); and I learned I can cook and shower w/ hot water (thank you natural gas) so I don't sweat blackouts anymore. Course it was August weather, not 19', stay warm.

Oh, and on topic, I decided to buck the trend and resigned-up nf yesterday (after a summer baseball break and Amazon Prime dalliance) after dropping "family" cable down to "network" basic. I have to say, streaming content is certainly improving, but I really wish they'ld hurry and get that "kid" tab on PS3 and/or Wii, both those interfaces suck. Maybe if Amazon gets Prime on them nf will get motivated.


Man made climate change. You gotta love it!


I'm in CT too. So many without power - luckily I have mine. I feel bad for everyone!


Hope you come through the storm OK. I was also without power in central Massachusetts for 36 hours, we had a generator running for a while, but then it quit :(

Though this was a far cry (for us) from the Dec 2008 ice storm that left us without power for 11 days (which is why we maintain a generator) though I guess we need a backup generator for our backup generator...

What a strange storm though. Makes you wonder...


Man. I was cracking on our weather, nearly 70 in the day and 35 at night.

Much better than yours obviously.


nice photo would make a good wallpaper


Dang! It was 70 in Detroit yesterday. Not a snowflake yet!


Snow looks like ice cream.

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