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That's a neat idea, but I'm personally not inclined to spend more money just to have multiple queues. Profiles, at no extra cost, suffice... decently.


Would be nice if Netflix got off there ass & did this.

They still have that relic of a Profiles option.

Why not dust it off and do this?

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Needs an MC add-on.

Cautiously Optimistic

This would be great. Much like Playlists in Rhapsody where different family members can create their own favorite playlists.


Not paying for something that should have been free and available from Netflix in the beginning.

Kenny Johnson

While I agree that Netflix should offer this for free.. $5.00 a YEAR is a pretty good deal for an enhancement to Netflix that Netflix, quite frankly, may never offer.

Steve Lumley

@Kenny Johnson - I agree, good deal in light of Netflix doing it. I'm going to give it a try.

Lee Millar

They just about had me sold there until the part that required exiting MultiQ's app within Roku and then having to go to the official app in order to watch your stuff. With my non-tech savvy family, this would only irritate them. Still, I can only wait and hope that this will inspire Netflix to get off their backside and introduce, what many of us have been waiting for, something like this that provides separate queues for each family member.

Steve Lumley

@Lee Millar - ohhhhhh, don't like that exiting thing. Not so sure now.


I'm not impressed with what this multiQs site offers. Sure it offers something people want, multiple instant queues but I don't think they are the only option for doing so and in my opinion the worst looking UI for it. The whole roku aspect seems overly annoying and like the guy in the video mentioned doesn't prevent kids from accessing stuff you wouldn't want them to which I'm guessing is one of the main reasons people want multiple instant queues.

Now for people like me who simply always are adding stuff they want to see to their queue faster than they watch it this is not a good solution either. I'm not even sure if there is at the moment. I still open browser tabs, bookmark, or add to a note file titles I want to add to my queue for when there is room for more.

What the best solution, and probably obvious to most, is no queue limits (or so high it seems like no limit) and instant queues in profiles. I'm assuming it was the only thing lacking for that feature. What netflix needs is great developers working for them instead of whoever they have now that appears to not have a clue what is good and desired by netflix customers and what is annoying and frustrating to them. It is bad when netflix staff agrees with their customers that their own development staff stinks to put it kindly.

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