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This will make twelve subscribers really happy.

Bob E.

I can't find info on this show?/movie? on Google, Wikipedia or IMDB. I gave up after that.

I'll admit it sounds good though, just wish I knew what "it" is? Sopranos? Spartacus? Rich Man Poor Man?

That reminds me, do they have Rich Man Poor Man yet? Now theres a tv show.


I'm more interested in Lilyhammer when it comes out. I have no complaints with the selection of streaming titles we have gotten recently. I've had more than my share to fill my time recently with Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle.




its in my que and will watch it when i get through the other 49 shows on my list. also netflix put up torchwood miracle day. the have it listed under season one but should be season 4.


Like said above 12 people will be happy. 600+ people rated this a 3 star. I don't really give a show a shot unless it is 4+

The fact that Damages Season 3 comes out on the 10th for streaming is more exciting for me.


I never got into the show . Its a lost in my book for me added to netflixs . Oh well I figure i got 4 months before i thru all content i want to see on netflixs then its bye bye net i think .


and now Walking Dead too


Quantity and Quality are two different words.Netflix still doesn't seem to get this, and are quick fixing the "theres nothing good on streaming" complaint by customers by getting anything they can get their hands on.


@ Bob E: Here's the Wikipedia article:

It's not even the more popular Showtime version of The Borgias. I guess Netflix is hoping no one will notice and will watch it anyways?

Brad Toy

Netflix just signed deals to stream both the US and UK versions of Being Human. UK Version to start Nov. 1 and The US version Jan. 1.


Being Human UK version is fun, US version not so much.


If you are looking for this show Netflix just has it listed as Borgia but the Faith & Fear part is one the artwork. It is streaming only, no discs. I'm about 1/2 way into first episode.


I will give this show a try but more for the fact that they have NOTHING else worth watching once you have gone through the decent shows and movies they have for streaming. Not sure why Netflix thinks if they put a ton of movies from the 70s and 80s on and never update them or add very many new ones that people will jump for joy when they add one new show. I am hopeful that they will pick up something good with the upcoming loss of starz not that it has a great selection but my fear is that when we lose this it will not be replaced by anything thus rendering streaming just a little more useless.

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