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"You can’t be afraid to make mistakes. Every entrepreneur is about creating change."

Isn't Netflix a company where people are unceremoniously fired for little to no reason?

Um... methinks the CEO gets to make mistakes but not so much for the rest of the employees.


Netflix's reputation for being a place where people are "unceremoniously fired for little to no reason" is massively overhyped.


I thought it was Apple that fired people for no reason. Wasn't someone fired for simply talking to Wasnyak (never could spell his name) about how new Apple products. I mean, he founded the company and he's still an "outsider."

Anyway, Seth, even if it's true then usually the CEO is the only one able to make mistakes. That's part of having a job versus being an employer. Reed screws up and he hurts himself. Someone in central receiving screws up and he still gets paid. Reed earned the right to screw up. I just wish he would do it a little less often.


Hastings has it half right. The world is indeed moving toward faster Internet connections and mobile devices but with ever diminishing usage caps, thereby allowing users to hit their caps and incur overage penalties more quickly than ever. This, in turn, will teach those users to temper their internet usage and only tap the 'net when absolutely necessary. How badly do you really want to watch Bachelor Party In The Bungalo Of The Damned? Bad enough to pay for another Gig?

Reed is thinking two decades in the future? The way things are going, he may not be running the company for another two months in the future, let alone two decades.

Qui-Gon Jinn: "Keep your concentration here and now, where it belongs."
Obi-Wan Kenobi: "But, Master Yoda says I should be mindful of the future!"
Qui-Gon Jinn: "But, not at the expense of the moment."

Like DUDE!

I can't believe you quoted Star Wars Episode 1.

Me-sa ruin franchise.

Like well see how Netfulks does in 2012.

They have a lot of repairing to do.


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Usage caps will be gone before 2 decades. Either competition or the government will do it within 5 years, I predict the former. 4g is already uncapped where you can get it and as long as fiber and Time Warner hold the line on the home front we can keep caps at bay. Comcast also offers a cap free model for a few dollars more a month.


Yeah, its great when your mistakes cost hundreds of people their jobs and livelihood. Reed is still cashing his paycheck while his mistake has put others back into a horrible job market. I noticed no one is covering the large number of layoffs Netflix has done over the past month.

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