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is this the update i recieved yesterday that has made watching netflix impossible? everything is huge....im using a ps3


After they tackle subtitles, I hope they take on multiple audio streams (I want to be able to choose sub or dub on foreign films and anime).

Nathan Hiatt


I'd look into that, I received the update and haven't had any problems. It was probably blind luck/good timing, but I contacted LG customer support asking when NHL Gamecenter Live would be pushed since the season has begun. The tech apologized and said the engineers were having issues with the app and they didn't have a time frame. I told him I understand things come up, but c'mon the season started a couple of weeks ago. He said he would forward our conversation to the engineers, poof, less than a week later NHL GCL is pushed. Again, probably blind luck but give their customer support a try (I did the online chat). Hopefully they push Pandora soon. Very happy with my LG Smart TV.


The more subtitles the better.

As I'm hearing rumblings that Netflix might start to keep their promise regarding subtitles... I am considering returning to their streaming service because of this. It is the only reason I left their streaming service, being that I suffer from profound hearing loss.


Indeed, they seem to be adding more and more captions, which I appreciate.

David, I don't know if you know this website, but it might be useful to keep track of: http://www.phlixie.com/genre/all/recent


Walt D in LV

I think it's incredible the number of people who cry for subtitles on movies. I am a big fan of subtitles, myself, not because of a hearing impairment, but because I watch a lot of foreign language films.

So, to this end, it amazes me how many people don't like to watch foreign films, because of the subtitles, yet there are also so many people who beg for subtitles, even on English language films.

Using this reasoning, I implore those who are asking for, as well as those who require, subtitles to take in a few foreign language films. It is very small minded to believe that America is the only country who can make good movies, and the vast amount of terrific films from around the world shows this.

A few suggestions to get started: Oldboy, Life is Beautiful, The Kite Runner, City of God, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Mongol, Fearless, Ip Man 1&2, The Dinner Game, Mesrine, MicMacs, Nine Queens, District B13, Red Cliff, Tae Guk Gi.. My goodness there are SO many!


No Netflix subtitles available on my LG BD590 Blu-Ray player. I've manually initiated an update and it says I have the latest software. Still hoping ...


Yet the Roku1 still has no subtitles.


My LG LV5500 now has captions/subtitles. Thanks for the heads-up! The firmware update took about 20 minutes. You need to select a small icon for a drop-down menu before you start the movie.

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