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Wow, they get content from a station I don't care at all about. They already have a good selection of tv. I think we can all agree that they need to bolster their movie content.


This article says they will be available "30 days after the last episode airs":

I can get these shows on Hulu the next day they air, I want more "flix" or CBS content dammit!


I want Mentalist, is there any CBS streaming anywhere?


Many of these same shows were announced last night for Amazon. Coincidence? Weren't some of these shows already on here? Oh, new episodes. I see. That makes all the difference in the world. Query: How many actual new episodes as to the ones that were already there. It doesn't discern of course. I suppose.

With little changes, you could switch announcements. http://www.clydestuff.com/2011/10/hunt-for-red-netflix-amazon-prime.html

Tom husband

Nothing really we want to watch.

By the way, why do we have add our name and address every time? Is there a log in or something?


@bodyslam911-The Mentalist is owned by Warner Bros, and Warner has shown little interest in selling marquee material for Netflix streaming.


I want Flixs not TV shows... You're not impressing me Netflix.


I'm interested in it. I appreciate the expanded deal because all the old stuff goes away if there was no deal and there is frankly SO much to watch, I am not in the business of checking out when does my deal expire... I'll watch A before B or whatever.

Account Deleted

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Mom...Phineas and Ferb have more episodes on Netflix.

ole timer

You folks need to take a walk,get a life,
Or just grow up.....Complaining is the new black and i wish that u all would just go away.


@ole timer,

I do have a life and I work hard for my money, I give Netflix my money so they can buy quality content that I want. Why should I pay for content that everybody else has(eg Hulu, Amazon, etc)? Netflix is wasting my money on crap content and if they don't get quality content in 2012 I'm cancelling.


I'm sure they're shaking in their boots


See, I thought we bought Netflix "as is" and (certainly) hope for better stuff, but I never saw a contract between us and them that said we HAD to pay them anything until they got stuff we liked.


The people here thinking that expressing disappointment with Netflix acquiring new rights to shows for streaming... You don't think the subscribers can impact the company with their threats? The complaints on twitter and the netflix blog?

Stop and go look at their stock right now. It is $80. I think people are making their point to netflix and it shows. Netflix needs to get their act together pronto.


How much content can Netflix purchase with your hard earned 7.99?

No one ever looks past the fact that the content they want isn't available to be purchased.

I'm sorry that you give up two Pabst 40 oz. so that you can watch thousands of commercial free titles. It's heart breaking that you get everything for almost nothing and still want more.

The American Dream


It amazes me what people expect for $8 a month. You want new movies for that cost? Really?


OT: Is anyone else's instant queue being reordered randomly by Netflix? And having new additions to the queue placed at the center of the queue, rather than at the end where they normally go?


CG - yes, stop using Feedflicks.


anyone else notice that How I Met Your Mother is being added Nov. 26th?


There's an update on the Amazon item above (even though this thread is now "old"), and although it's not about movies, it does pretty much reveal their strategy towards Netflix and Barnes and Noble (yes both, at the same time although I thought their plan was obvious all along.) There was rumor of this before, now it's coming to fruition. Besides movies and TV shows, they will be offering free books to borrow for the Kindle and more importantly, the Kindle Fire. No, I'm not talking about copies of Charles Dickens for free. I imagine the content will be slim at first, but they are intent on making the Kindle Fire the all everything. So I guess that would mean they came to play. http://www.clydestuff.com/2011/11/amazon-prime-fires-its-next-volley-free.html


Marshall, I don't use Feedflicks. This issue only started in the last few weeks.


Just because something was released to streaming on Amazon doesn't mean Netflix jumped up and went after it to get it too. It means the rights were granted to both (or whomever) to stream them.
These Just-Streamers are becoming the pests of Netflix. They jumped in just to get it for cheap and expect everything to be new and "trending" on Twitter, then complain and ditch when they can't get whatever brand new remake or sequel comes out right away. There's a wide selection of stuff out there, of course, invisible to those watching TV with blinders. The typical Simply Streamer will easily blow $10 for a ticket at the movies is paying for cable anyway yet hasn't made one complaint to his cable company or multiplexes about the costs. They will really freak out when Netflix streaming's price surely goes at some time in the future.


CG, yes, my instant queue gets randomly reorganized. I don't use Feedflix either; it happens on my TV's widget and on Netflix's site in the queue.


Netflix's focus on TV shows is beginning to alienate me.

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