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Hey Netflix,

Can you bring back some science fiction shows? Farscape? Babylon 5?


Screw them. the "big three" cut loose the the good half the cast and the last season sucked big time. No need to see the last season over and over.


Bring back the Andy Griffith show.


I can see Netflix maybe bringing back shows that have a small Special Effects budget.

I mean of course it would be cool if they brought back cult shows like Firefly, Sarah Connor Chronicles & such.

Who knows what they are planning. Well just have to wait & see I suppose?


It's funny, I was just thinking yesterday this exact thing. Reno became funniest in its last season, contrary to Mr. Know-it-all; and there's definitely room for it now in this world, as everyone's missing seeing those guys on TV now. Not many have gone on to starring roles, so they're certainly not to busy to make their return.

I like this idea. Doesn't have to be a 20 episode season. They could do it like South Park - 6 episodes in two months, then go away for 5 months to shoot more.


Bringing back Stargate in any form would be great... I think it would also boost Netflix sales as Stargate has a very loyal following, that would do just about anything for new material.

Even the rumored DVDs may be feasible through netflix, especially if they already have the scripts made.


Bring back The Event.


Better of Ted, The Good Guys, Numbers, the remake of Night Rider heh, Theres shows all the time im depressed that came to an end, im just having a blank right now on them cause some of the good ones have been gone for a few years...

make sure Dexter, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Burn Notice and such all STAY on the air please!


$600,000 an episode? Someone please tell me that only qualifies as low cost in Hollywood. I feel sure the BBC manages to make sitcom shows of this caliber for a lot less.


Bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000. That alone would be well worth the price of Netflix.

Excited about Arrested Development coming back no matter where it ends up being broadcast (Showtime, Netflix.. wherever)

Reno 911 shouldn't have been canceled anyway. Would be great to get new episodes.



Might have to be a remake after so much time has passed.


I love most all of these shows especially mst3000 and reno911 and sliders and weeds, the event and burn notice...ahhh if they actually put these all on netflix I would jump for joy (ok rather I would suck it up and be happy to be paying what I do for a streaming membership with a crap selection to watch and a dvd membership that takes forever now!)...


I'll second Better Off Ted...


Stargate is a good idea - the streaming numbers for past episodes are always very good. But it's an expensive show to produce...


Netflix should bring back Dresden Files and Roswell (but without Katherine Heigl on Roswell!)


For those asking that MST3K and Andy Griffith be brought back to Netflix: They never left.


Pushing Daisies would be awesome.


27 miles

Matthew Metcalf

I want to see Firefly return again in any form. Dollhouse is a lame excuse for Whedon.

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