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Joseph Finn

I started watching it last night, and I'm intrigued. Also, had a horrible whiplash moment at realizing it has Melissa Leo in it.


I never really liked any Kevin Smith movies, and Red State doesn't seem any different. Still, it's always nice to see Netflix continue to add newer movies.

Was this a one-off movie add or part of an existing deal with a studio? IIRC, Red State was distributed by Lionsgate.

Robert Emmerich

How am I supposed to watch that movie now with an image of Kevin Smith on the can in my minds eye? I mean, I like his movies and all, but I really don't want to watch him taking a dump.

Like DUDE!

Like whoa. Though.

He's not on the Toilet. He's in it....

Maybe he's waiting to scare someone and watching Red State to kill some time?

He must really be a Ghoulie or something.

Scary stuff man. :P


Smooth move, Netflix.

Account Deleted

@Jonathan - I believe 'Red State' is distributed by Kevin Smith himself (his own company), so this is likely a 1 picture deal.


So what ?

This isnt news. Its a yawn


I am not quite sure what Netflix defines as "exclusive"

I am sitting here, and I can rent Red state for streaming on Amazon running on my Ruku.

I can also stream the movie to my PS3 using Vudu. What is so exclusive?


I want to watch this movie, but I'm having some bad issues with the audio not syncing with the video and the video occasionally lagging. According to some reviews posted on the site I'm not the only one. It's kind of strange that they'd send out a message and post a blog specifically about this movie when it doesn't appear to even be tested for quality control.


You know, I did want to see this movie, but because some random people above didn't like it, nor do they like Kevin Smith, my opinion has not changed, and I'm going to drop Netflix and sign up with Blockbuster because of this. Thanks random nameless people!


It is an exclusive on a low udget movie that took in zero box office. I saw a few mins last night. So far it looks pretty bad. Will other Netflix subscribers make a big deal that they have a streaming exclusive. That only matters on a big budget blockbuster movie.


"zero box office".. you're kidding me, right? do you have any idea what Smith is doing with this film? That he's the one renting out the theater, and showing it himself?


Hmmm. Maybe 'exclusive' doesn't mean what it used to mean.




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