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That's what Netflix does to get titles? What's the big deal? Does this mean Hulu & others can't stream Season 1 either?

Now if they get Episodes of season 2 after a few days of Broadcast then that would be awesome. Just saying.


I mean did anyone not figure that Netflix wouldn't get Season 1?

I knew it was coming as that's what Netflix has been doing....

Brad Toy

One of the articles did say that they would have future seasons as well. Also, this show was a part of a package of of shows from AMC, IFC and Sundance. Also included are Portlandia, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys and other titles.


That blog post on Netflix you linked to did not say exclusive. Are you sure?


do a google news search, plenty of the articles say it is exclusive.


Is anyone else having trouble pulling up netflix?


Yep.....Netflix is doing "planned maintenance".


yeah I am not loving netflix being down when I am home sick but im super happy to know it is not just me as I was wondering what was going on so a big thank you to Rachel and Kimberly for alerting me to the fact it is not just me. I appreciate it. BTW where do you guys get access to finding out they are doing maintenance? I never find these things out, in fact im super happy to have found this site just a bit ago.


I found out on twitter...a couple people called customer service earlier tonight.


ahh thanks, I need to make one but im always on FB so it makes it hard to find time to tweet lol. Thanks again

Jack Of All Tirades

Yes, me and the wife watched eps 4-6 last night (I saw the others, er..., online, prior to this). One of the best zombie shows/movies ever made - the first episode is one of the best pilots ever.

If you can get through the first two, the rest is cake, baby, cake!


5.1 audio sync is off on my PS3 for at least episode 1.


Isn't this the only Zombie TV series?

I remember years back when a Return Of The Living Dead series was talked about.

Susan Fan

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We want walking dead on Netflix in the Caribbean too!!!

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