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Some other notable additions to streaming recently, that I haven't seen mentioned here are:

The Bernie Mac Show (All 5 Seasons)
Murdoch Mysteries (1st season)


We spoke and Netflix listened. http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/10/netflix-abandons-plan-to-rent-dvds-on-qwikster/

Netflix Abandons plans for Qwikster, will keep dvd's on Netflix site. I thought maybe the switch was why the website is done, still not working right this morning.


what about Frasier it is now available to stream.


I'm getting tired of the claims of adding new titles when they either remove more titles or the ones they "add" are just titles they recently removed. Lie to Me was removed a couple months ago and now it's back and being counted as 48 of those "new" episodes. We're just in the same boat as earlier except the price is higher for these incorrectly named new titles.


Torchwood, The Walking Dead AND Caprica. cool. Waiting for the Doctor Who season 6 on streaming - that would be cool.


What's with the James Bond yo-yoing? It's like they take them off streaming every other month.


Does anyone know when netflix will release sons of anarchy season 3 on streaming?


So will Netflix make a deal with Disney now that Starz is leaving? Any hint of that?

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