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The gap between Verizon and everyone else is pretty significant. Love having Fios

Edward R Murrow

Comcast haters gonna take it all back?


I am happy with at&t mid level DSL


I'm more surprised with gap between DSL and Cable. I know DSL can do better, it would just cost more money to get the repeaters in place. Perhaps they see it as a lost cause however since fiber seems to work better. AT&T has a unique idea mixing the two which should prove valuable.

Of course I wonder about what this data really tells us. Especially since HD streams are 3.8 so numbers above that would have to be in bursts since Netflix only allows a limited buffer. Then consider who has SD only boxes and who has limited the quality for whatever reasons.


@Marshall this doesn't have anything to do with the bandwidth required for the various streams. Netflix can see the network speed when you are streaming (regardless of how much or little is used). This data is showing the actual network speed from Netflix to the various providers (on average at least).


how about their own performance?? Cuz i can't get NF on Roku right now...again.....


I have to strongly disagree about Charter. I wanted to keep my streaming, but was having problems with too many dropped frames with most SD and some HD movies. That whole jerky/choppy/stuttery/strobed video. Charter was no help; no surprise there. When I called Netflix and told them about my problems, they didn't seem to care, they made no attempts to fix my issues. The CSR just said, "yeah we've had problems with that, sorry". He was nice and courteous, but made no attempt to solve my issues. He was just sorry that the service would not work for me, and I was cancelling. I didn't try to escalate the issue, it's just streaming video that won't work. No need for added stress. I just feel like streaming ain't quite there yet. When you have a problem with NF streaming, it's the blame game between NF, your ISP, and maybe Roku/Sony/Blu ray player manufacter/etc. It's just not worth the hassle for B-movies and current or coming data caps from the ISPs. Sorry for the long winded, no paragraph break rant, but I'm just frustrated for bearing the burden of fixing something I pay good $ for, that should work anyway.


Just a note: all other video I tried hulu/Crackle/etc. worked fine. So, I'm not sure where they problem was. Regardless, that shouldn't be the customers responsibilty to find out.

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He was nice and courteous, but made no attempt to solve my issues.


Spammer above, please delete.

Curry, Netflix personnel are indeed polite and pleasant to talk to. They must have excellent hiring standards. However they are also kept in the dark and often guess. Reading forums like this I know more than they know sometimes. One even confused the way the queue works with the way it works on Hulu (items deleting after being seen.)


Slower speeds than from previous reports. What happened that caused 15% drop?

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