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In my opinion this is a pretty pathetic attempt to cover up the fact that they are unwilling to offer a better streamline to the movie content page(s).

I am tired of seeing titles that I have already rated, along with the fact that I am unable to stop seeing certain genres, whether it is within the New Movie / New Title List or from the Genres drop down. Sure, you can go in and check certain genres you watch but NF doesn't care, they will continue to show you this Genre.

For Example: The Horror Genre, just because in the Genres classification section it says Comedy, doesn't mean I want to watch it. If it has Horror in the Genre at all it should be excluded from ever showing up any page under that account.

NF really needs to get their act together and start catering to the people who pay the bills. I don't care if their is a Just for Kids section if my child can still click on the Watch Instantly and see the other movie titles. This should be a much bigger concern for subscribers in my opinion.


Turtle says:

"I don't care if their is a Just for Kids section if my child can still click on the Watch Instantly and see the other movie titles. This should be a much bigger concern for subscribers in my opinion."


The primary/master account should be able to create sub accounts that have master-defined restrictions (such as genre and rating parameters; no viewing/access of the master and other subs or their histories), and a separate queue with access to streaming. Otherwise, sub accounts, and pages such as Just For Kids are pretty useless.


I wish I could turn this section off! I don't have kids and I don't share my queue with anyone. Why should crappy kids shows get their own tab?!

Christopher Stolz

The worst part about this is the tags are already on the movies so it would be a simple thing to write. As far as parental control there is a Movie called 9 songs that literally has hard core porn smack in the middle. Can my daughter search this from her Wii. Yup she sure can.

One of the reasons I haven’t left yet is because how horrible amazons interface is. Netflix is barely better. When I’m on my ps3 I should be able to click a tag on said title and scroll through all titles that have that tag. My daughter learned to rate stuff and since she rates everything a 5 my recommendations suck. Resulting in seeing a fraction of titles. 9 times out of ten i use instant watcher a third party site since they are better at organizing netflix then netflix is.

Netflix is desperate need of parental controls and full subtitles. Ive had to go to redbox when the in laws (both deaf) come over because of there lack.


I don't think good idea to put "Ren & Stimpy" into Just for Kids because this TV Show is stupid and disgusting for children to watch.

Art Artistry

Some of this is gold. Stop expecting Netflix to develop the tools to protect your children. It's your responsibility as a parent. Ren & Stimpy aired on Nickolodeon and was a childrens show, I watched it with my dad growing up and we both loved it. As for hardcore porn being on there. You have an entire history of what has been watched and for how long on your account. Your daughter is going to search for a show she's never seen, ignore any description and rating and then play it long enough to get to any of the raunchy parts? SERIOUSLY? People wonder why Netflix doesn't listen to their customers, first of all we can't even decide what we want, and second not only do we want them to provide us the cheapest entertainment option out there, but to make it a babysitter we don't even have to supervise. Take a little ownership here.

Joan, if you mark not interested on a show it won't show up on any lists, the only way to find it after that is to search for it or go into your rating history. There are also some measly parental controls somewhere, but just like the child can click onto the watch instantly page, they can also just go disable them if you let them on the website all alone completely unsupervised at all times.

I know! Netflix should just give us all unlimited streams and profiles on our account so we can let our friends use them and not have to have their own accounts. And it better not be at extra cost or we'll be super ticked off. I'm starting the occupy netflix movement until this is finished.

Robert Emmerich

Before Art went on his diatribe - which I mostly agree with his thoughts, though maybe not his tone - I was already thinking that if people are so worried about what their kids watch and what's in their queues then maybe they should just get their kids their own accounts. My 9 yr. old gets a $2.50 weekly allowance, so thats $10 per month, more than nf. My 6 yr. old gets $1.50, another $6, so between them thats $16, they can even afford streaming and discs ;-) Of course if nf wants people to buy their kids separate accounts those accounts better be very lockable. Some day we'll all have our own nf accounts just like phone numbers.


Unlimited streams and profiles? No. But one or two (handy for households with kids in different age ranges) with solid parental controls would be nice. That isn't asking NF to get into the babysitting biz. Extra safeguarding measures are always helpful.

I won't cancel my subscription over not having those options. Just like I didn't leave when the price went up for a second time, because I still think that NF can't be beat for content.

But, it also wouldn't hurt NF to keep more subscriber requests in mind. Nothing wrong with keeping a finger on the pulse of the consumer. And when more and more of our daily lives have connections to the internet, having better safety, security, and privacy options can only be a good thing.

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