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This points out how desperately NF needs to implement e-mail support again. I could not get through by phone at all. The streaming customers are already on the website. Just a simple click should go to a box to create an e-mail notice for reporting problems.

It is an insult to only have telephone support.


Not only am I effected by the outage, their page with limited streaming options didn't work for the title I selected! Very disappointed. With greater rates comes greater responsibility!


Went to watch a movie on Netflix... Service was out. I called and they claimed it was scheduled maintenance... an obvious lie. Who would schedule maintenance for 8:30 pm on a Saturday night? So I went and watched the exact same movie on Amazon Prime.

Big Dave

As I keep saying: A company who is putting all their eggs in the streaming basket, and can’t figure out how to do streaming is doomed to fail. The management of this company is dismal, at best. I have been a Netflix customer almost since the beginning. There used to be a sort of camaraderie between the company and its’ customers. But now, the corporate greed has taken over, and management has told the customers they can go to hell.

Mr. Nethead

Considering how often streaming goes out, I'm happy with my decision to be a Qwikster only customer.


I had a movie from my queue I was looking forward to watching during the time Netflix was out. But the tide-you-over titles on the homepage was a nice touch; there were a lot of choices.

ron felder

I was watching Crackle last night so I didn't know of the problem.


i watched crackle last night til my roku froze up on me half way through. then i went to netflix there was a problem on the site but i could access everything from my roku with no problem.


About 8:35pm Pacific time I got the "We're currently experiencing a technical issue. While we get things back to normal, some features aren't available - but you can play select titles on this page." with my HDMI connection but switched to Wii and and everything was working fine. Perhaps the problem was fixed within those few seconds it took to switch or perhaps Wii useses different server. Do you know which it could have been?


Streaming on my android worked fine, but was down on the computer and like another poster, the title I wanted to watch (Craig Ferguson) didn't work.


Had a brief pause & reload about 8:30 then watched the rest without issue. Then I went to bed.

I agree about email support. Sometimes I just WANT to email, not talk.


Did not notice the netflix outage here - my hulu account was working just fine...

Karen Lee

I dropped streaming at the price change.

Last night I went to the site via my PC to look up a movie. To my surprise I found nothing but thumbnails and a trouble statement. No way to get to my account, my queue, nada.

Just for fun I clicked on a thumbnail and lo and behold the movie started. Surprised me as I'm no longer a streaming customer


We didn't think to try from the Wii or iPod Touch, we got the list of available titles on the Mac media center PC as noted in the screenshot. However, 7 of the 8 titles we tried failed to load. We did get one to stream, and by the time we were done about 90 minutes later the full site was back up.

We're still on a 2 DVD + streaming plan, and we use streaming a lot, almost everyday in prime-time hours. This is the first major outage we have seen.

Tom Husband

It's 2:15 Sunday afternoon here in San Jose, CA, and the Netflix site is down again just like last night. Last night streaming was OK for us but couldn't access my DVD queue


I was up from 1-3.45 AM PST watching Netflix streaming on iPad in the Bay Area. No issues whatsoever...


While the website may be down the xbox app has been working just fine.

Susan Fan

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10/9/11 9:40 PM Service still disrupted, "tide me over" titles "not available at this time." Culling the herd even more?


Just so you guys know, just by clicking on a direct link to a movie listing (like the ones on Hacking Netflix) you can bypass the home page error message, and jump right into the regular Netflix UI. I'm watching Psych right now without issue. If the site is clearly functional, why are they saying it's offline?

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i wish there was a way to give roku more ram

CJ Walker

Was using Netflix Instant on my xbox 360 from about midnight to 4 am central time and had no issues. I'm usually never home on a saturday night watching netflix so I would have been extremely annoyed had this interruption of service been the case for me.

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