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Ugh. Damn outages.


now it asks me if i am a member and to put in a new code...have been for 3 years ...perhaps it is time to cancel it..


Another day. Another outage. Is this still news?


We were on our Wii watching Damages S3, it suddenly stopped with the "Unable to connect to Netflix" message. We clicked on "Try again," no joy. We backed out to the episode screen and clicked on "Resume episode." It worked first try.


couldnt get on the site but was working fine on my roku.

Steve Wille

Bizarre. I was watching a kids' show with my son, then an entire movie at this time on my Sony, and everything worked fine.


I'm so glad NF raised prices and almost killed off DVD rentals to offer its customers such dependable, high quality of service as this streaming. Now we get to experience outages only every other week!



Netflix managed to keep its website and streaming online and functioning properly for a full hour today!

When contacted regarding this anomaly, a Netflix spokesperson said the company is diligently working on the issue to ensure that it doesn't happen again.


Remember when they use to offer discounts when they had an outage? ;-)


NetFlix is not the company it used to be.


The real tragedy is that just a couple of months ago, this site was teeming with Netflix fans who only sang the praises of the service.

I know. I was one of them.

How quickly the tide turns. Unfortunately, I doubt it will be as quick and easy to regain that lost trust, loyalty and support.

Philippe de Gain

Since Sunday's outage, I'm getting the same message "We're currently experiencing a technical issue." But it's Wed. 26 and I am still getting the same message! To add injury, it says that "you can play select titles on this page." but when I try one of these titles, I am finding that it's not available!!!!!
The whole system seems to f... up.


Seems that if you subscribed to their tweets, you were informed. But if you're an old fogey like me who expects to get an update via e-mail, you're left in the dark. Or if you expect to see some mention of it on their website, well, nooooooo.

Some horrific mutation has caused this company to lose its public relations gene. They are, however, really, really good at ticking off a dwindling base of loyal supporters.

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