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I'm a casual gamer and wouldn't mind this at all...


That would be awesome. I've tried Gamefly and was not a fan after their long wait times to get any game. The blockbuster videogames by mail are delayed 3 months which is annoying. If they offer day and date videogame releases then I'm there for sure.


If & only if they can do it with no loss to the regular DVD business and if it would be profitable for them.


I am a gamer though I only have a Wii and a PC with a "old" 8800GT card for current gen platform.

I called netflix up today and ask if they were still going to do game rentals. The guy then noted down that my account wants game rentals and submitted it to netflix marketing. Anyways if Netflix doesn't want to rent games, I can go with gamefly. They'll finally start offering PC "rentals" (subscriptions) at hopefully no extra cost.


I'm not interested in games, but I don't have a problem with it if Netflix wants to offer that to customers who want it, either for free or at an extra cost. Considering that a lot of people stream movies to gaming devices, it seems like a sensible thing to offer.

Patrick Harris

Seriously, they should just buy Gamefly. You know the president of Gf has cried himself to sleep every night since the Qwickster announcement; now that they've declared they were just screwing with him his spirit should be pretty much broken.


Gamefly is awful, Neftilx has no need to buy that worthless organization.


I'm not a gamer but I wouldn't mind if they added it and had a separate pricing stucture. With Netflix and Blockbuster having games it would put Gamefly out of business.


I don't care about games, but based on how many "availability unknown" blu-rays I have in my queue, are they still considering those?


Please offer video games. I'm a GF member, but hate the long waits. I will switch instantly if netflix offers this service...

A Sad Pathetic Little Man

But, if Netflix did offer games and others switched with you, wouldn't GF cease to have long waits (and customers) while all the new game renters would cause Netflix to have the same long waits?


I'm guessing the long waits are because it takes longer to play a game than to watch a movie.

Jason Greenberg

The game rental business is tough. As 90% of the customers want only new DVD releases, I think the number is closer to 99% in terms of games. So the company has to maintain a vast library, but only a small number of these are actually rented.


The silly thing is that there's absolutely no reason why it wouldn't still offer them now that the company is re-unified.

If they decide to not offer video games it would simply be a punitive measure against the Occupy Netflix forces that demanded sanity.

I have no doubt that if they split the companies that a third-party would come along and offer an integration service of some kind, even perhaps using the APIs.

I just still can't understand why Netflix has done so many thing wrong. I agree that streaming should be an $8 service and DVD's should be an $8 service. However, if you get BOTH services you should get some kind of discount, for example, charge $12 at the low-end, $14 at the high-end. The would have resulted in a 20-40% price hike. I think they would have retained many more dual-subscribed customers that way.

I no longer feel ANY loyalty to Netflix. I'm using just streaming right now and once I'm out of content (which shouldn't be too long from now with such a limited library) I will cancel the service.

It's a shame that such great technology is being pissed away by their lack of customer-service and marketing skills.


why would anyone with pubic hair care about video games?


I really hope Netflix does. Gamefly is AWFUL. I'd love to see Netflix put them out of business. I had them for 3 months and even though I live one only one state over from their distribution center in CA it took 4 days to get a game to be and usually 6 or 7 to get the game back to them after I mailed it. Such a waste of money and time.
I ended up just going with Blockbuster's in-store game pass and now instead of the 3 or 4 games a month I was getting with Gamefly's 2 out at a time plan I'm getting 15+ games a month with Blockbuster. Way better availability too. I'd love to see Netflix get games. I'd definitely give the a try.


I'll be surprised if they do games. Qwikster was going to do games when it was going to be driven by Rendich, but Rendich looked like he was more willing to step outside of the very narrrow focus that Netflix overall has maintained. I don't see a reason why, given that Netflix pre-Qwikster didn't do games because of Hastings' "strategy is about what you decide not to do," Netflix is going to turn around now and do games.

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Bob E.

NF keeps saying games aren't profitable and GF customers keep saying the service sucks, yet GF is still in business and has been for 9 years, so I think NF should be able to find a way to make money renting games.

And now if they don't rent games, you can add it to the string of price hike, faux apology, split, unsplit chain of screw-ups at the company. And yes I can call them screw-ups, even yesterday their stock went down 4% while the rest of the markets were up 4%. That's not good.

Mike S

games would be nice, yeah!

I have a message that I hope makes it to Netflix that trumps all else, even adding games: STOP CHANGING. You are scaring users away.


I am a Netflix streaming and Gamefly user.

Concerning gamefly, The "long wait" is often not the amount of time the game sits in your queue. That is to be expected. Any new title will have a wait, game or dvd. If you really want it you play the queue game. (Delete everything else and wait less, maybe..)

The problem lies in delivery time. Gamefly has 5 hubs all on the coast of the united states. anyone living in a state with no ocean (like colorado) ends up waiting 4-5 days for delivery of a game.

Yes netflix should buyout Gamefly, The Business model of netflix would do wonders for gamefly. (just dont let netflix name it)


Gamefly will sit and not ship out anything for days at a time, even when there are plenty of items in your queue. Their 'incompetence' borders on fraud.


I was a gamefly Member, and it took 4 day for a game to get to me. If netflix starts during games it would only take 1 day. Imagine getting games on launch date.


My roommate has her Xbox hooked up in our living room, I wouldn't mind getting a game every once in a while if Netflix added it. I don't necessarily think wait times would be any better than what others have said about Gamefly, but the option would be nice. I would also be fine if games never came to Netflix.


Crap they should offer video game rentals like they said they would.

Maybe Qwikster should have happened if Netflix is not gonna add more Blu-Rays and Games?

They could have easily added an integrated Disc Queue in Netflix and Instant Queue in Qwikster.


Let's hope they do offer games and get more DVDs & Blu-Rays in stock as well as more recent & older streaming titles. What all they promised with the split up idea in the first place.

Ethan Gomez

Call netflix and tell them! they are currently doing a survey for that specific reason to gauge user demand. 866-716-0414

Adam Sevani

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If done right it could only benefit their profits. However at the same time it could harm them greatly if it goes horribly wrong. It really should have been something they got into long ago possibly before gamefly existed. The key factors, probably obvious, there must be sufficient demand, reasonably low costs, and priced right to the consumer so they are happy and at the same time turn a profit.

All easier said than done since there are many factors that can be problematic with the cost factor of those things. Games cost a lot more than movies to buy so losses due to lost, damaged, and stolen discs will cost that much more. Game systems are more sensitive to game disc surface damage compared to movie/TV disc playback, which means higher rate of replacing.

I think a long hard look at gamefly is needed as just one of many things in addition to the concerns I mentioned. If after all of those concerns are analyzed and it still looks like a good thing to proceed with then I say go for it.


So, as of Sep 18 supporting games was to start at Qwikster launch, which was to be "in a few weeks". A few weeks later, Qwikster launch is cancelled and support for games is now questionable? What in the world is going on with this company? Obtaining the many hundreds of thousands of disks that would've been needed to launch would obviously take some time. Either they've been doing that, but are now going to eat a huge loss by changing plans, or they really had no intention of doing it all along and have just been lying to us.

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