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Nutqwakflickster ! LOL

I love it.

Steve Lumley

Ha! Pretty funny, made me laugh. Seriously, though, I think Reed Hastings should watch this and re-think things. Funny but can't be good for Netflix.

Bob E.

I liked the "teal shirt" comment, admittedly b/c I made the same comment here about 2 weeks ago after watching that other video making fun of the video this video is making fun of ---

"O!M!G! How can somebody say they are apologizing with that big shit eating grin on their face? He never stops laughing. He's mocking us all. What an @ss. And why are they sitting in a parking lot? And what's with the unbuttoned powder blue shirt, is he auditioning for the Village People?"

Which now makes me think, if SNL is doing it, my comment wasn't probably all that funny to begin with.

Time to go back to hiding in my parents basement waiting for 10AM Tuesday.


"Commodore 64 games"


This bit should have made the cut for the live show. There was a lot of filler on the Melissa McCarthy episode imho

Walt D in LV

No doubt Netflix higher-ups have watched this video. My only question is where do they go from here?

Many people have speculated that the split up of DVD and Streaming into two websites was so that one could get sold off. However, all these antics over the past few weeks (months) have to have really hurt the value. I mean, even in the last three months, the stock value has dropped by nearly 61% per CNNMoney.


Thanks for the info Steve.. I was wondering if I zoned out and missed part of the show


It was pretty funny.... Remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity, especially if it is free.

Nutflicks...... It is exactly what it appears to be.


i say make it nutflicks and stick with it


better Netflix/Qwikster parody, check out Netflix CEOs brainstorming their next new stupid idea! http://youtu.be/UiV0M8UyHvU


I chuckled once or twice but SNL has done much better stuff in the past.

Cautiously Optimistic

I enjoyed this immensely.

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