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Perplexed once again at Netflix

@Galagatron are you paying attention at all here. Re read the posts but Hastings made a huge mistake or gamble but cashed his stocks big time just before gamble. He dragged his feet on this and it got worse and tried to down play it all until it was hard to deny. He didn't lose his job over this but many staff members are losing theirs due to his gamble. He has lied and he has lost consumers trust in a big way. He also just left the country and let his hatchet men cut away at staffing to make up for his gamble. He is on a nice vacation of sorts to England and Ireland right now trying to drum up business there. While he was taking money out the back door cashing in 1.8 million stocks which was 46 million in cash...he then hits up investors for more money. Would you want to be investing when you see the founder going out the back door with 46 million a short time before?

His spin doctors suggest the reason for laying off so many employees was the fact Quikster did not materialize and they had hired more folks for that and then had to let them go. Read Cookie's comments here since her fiance says he was hired after the Quikster deal was halted. He was layed off due to the fact Hastings lost 800K accounts and the revenue from those accounts is now no more. Now the customer service is sucky and customers given the royal run around. But Hastings is now putting resources/money towards England and Ireland start ups. They forecast losses in 2012. So now things are not the same and are getting worse if you have a problem and have to call them. Things are not honky dorry at all. But Hastings et al are making it out like the layoffs have nothing to do with his gamble.
Some how Hastings and his lieutenants have not been shown the door from investors which is really shocking. They continue to play around and foolishly do stuff and no one is about to stop them. Hastings is a coward and left the country while folks get their pink slips. He is also running a sweat shop of sorts. No paid sick leave for employees or paid vacation either. But he takes out 46 million out of the company this summer alone! He is pissed at consumers for not going along in U.S. and here is your crappy customer service.

He really should be looked at very carefully since a cabbage could have guessed the outcome of his changes so I think he had insider trading advantage and sold stock at high margin before he tried to make huge changes. He hedged his bets for sure. The house wins once again.


I searched on google for those terms, and even added 1.8 million to the search. I find articles saying that he's dumped a more than normal amount of stock, but when I check the links that they site, I come back to the same kind of list that doesn't show him dumping a more than normal amount, like following one of the links that talk about him selling 1.8 million stocks cite this as their source of him ditching stock, but I don't see it in the numbers. Am I missing something?


Joan Wilder

I've heard the Netflix customer service called lame and horrible and I don't quite understand. They don't sell electronics, so they don't troubleshoot electronic devices. If your pipes aren't connected right in your house, it's not the water company you call to fix it. Every time i've called, they've gotten me to the right people to reset my router, troubleshoot my blue ray, or to just tell me why I get a dvd mailed that wasn't in my queue (still no answer on that). I think those folks do a good job in the customer service dept. Not sure why the uproar on the temps not working for Netflix. I worked as a temp many times, and got shuffled around to several different places, sometimes in one week. It is sad about the employees with bad stats who were let go. Their bad stats might be related to the angry people who choose not satisfied in the survey after the call. Just wanted to give a shout out for those folks, they do a great job.

Netflix User

Wow, you're all a bunch of whining babies.


Hiring at the Hillsboro call center, the location in the posted article, ramped up for the qwikster/netflix split, as well as the regular peak season that happens during the holidays. As the qwikster split was cancelled shortly after it was announced, the call center halted hiring but still kept those in temp positions as well as the recently hired groups. With the news that qwikster was a no go, the call center had to look over the numbers and the needs of the peak season. the needs were no longer there to support the new employees compared to the call volume. To those that think it has to do with the 800k member loss, no. there are more employees at the call center now than before the price announcement in july. And yes, the employees let go were ENTIRELY temp employees. No permanent netflix employees were let go. it sucks that it happened, but the company is in no way obligated to keep more people than whats needed on the floor and people that werent meeting performance standards anyway. regardless of any qwikster change or loss of members, temps who do not meet performance are let go.
and as a side note, they gave 40 hours of time off between the end of october and jan 1 in addition to regular time off for all employees, reg and temp alike.

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