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The Nooks are better because they have a microSD port(are you listening Apple?) and they support Flash(are you listening Apple?), they can also use the Android OS which has more apps. The Nooks will also have Hulu Plus.

The Kindle uses a propietary OS and will only read ebooks from Amazon, the Nook is universal.

Nathan Hiatt

The fire also has Hulu Plus, it also supports Flash (Not sure what that's worth with it being on it's death bed)... and it might only read Kindle ebooks but that's not that big of a deal considering the Kindle set up is superior to all others.


The Kindle can read virtually ANY eBook the Nook can with the help of Calibre.


Not to mention, the Kindle has a larger book library, larger public domain (free) book library, larger newspaper and magazine library. Need I go on? Amazon is sure to be around for a very long time. Barnes & Noble? Not so much.


I canceled my Netflix yesterday, but one of the HUGE advantages where Netflix has done good is device support. This is an area where Amazon's video service is seriously lacking. People don't want to watch TV on their laptops or desktops. We want to watch our content on our "devices", whatever those devices may be.


I wasn't complaining about the Kindle as much as I was making a statement about the iPad being an overpriced and underwhelming tablet. Even if B&N goes out of business the Nook can still be used as a media player, the Android OS will be around a long time.


Explain to me again why I would want to watch movies on a 7" screen...?


@moviegeek... I don't get it. The Kindle Fire is Android as well. I'm not sure where the comparison that the Nook is "better" (as you said in your first post) comes from. You'll be able to use Android apps on the Fire as well.


thank god now i can drive and watch as i text and drink coffee and eat breakfast .


The Kindle Fire is going to be a huge seller. Having Netflix on it will be terrific.


With Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Rhapsody, Amazon services integration, etc, the Kindle Fire is shaping up to be quite the device!


Glad to hear it, my Kindle Fire will be here THIS week! I also have Amazon Prime, but I love Netflix, when it's working of course. :")

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This would be great considering I love netflix and I'm also planning on buying the kindle fire!


The Kindle Fire is physically hideous. It is seriously ugly.

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