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No problems here.


Watching a DVD on a PC can be problematic at times. It could be a bunch of different things on the PC causing the DVD not to play. I know Sony puts errors on DVDs so that ripping software can't read the disk which could cause your DVD drive to not play it right.

I've not had any problems with any DVDs or Blu-rays lately.


I have a 5-year-old Macbook with a MATSHITA-DVD-R UJ-857 drive. I've watched Netflix DVDs on it for years and never had an issue like this.

Perhaps you should call Apple Support and see if there is a firmware fix for such an issue.


You probably also should include from Heather's comment whether this is happening with all dvd's from Netflix or only occasionally. If infrequent, it's probably copy protection. If all the time, then there's something else behind the problem.


i have a 2007 MBP and it is having big problems loading DVDs as you describe (not just NF). If I shut down, unplug, remove battery, hold power button for 10 seconds, and then hook it all back up, it will usually mount the DVD. but the solution doesn't last long.


Always. You should get money back when a DVD is not compliant with standards.


Nope. It's likely the player.


It's probably the drive, laptop drives are notorious for failing prematurely so go buy an external drive.


I have had issues like that but with heavily scratched disks. Netflix does not do a good job of screening disks for customer abuse defects


I've had the problem with my Blu-Ray player and some Netflix discs. CD starts, does a grinding thing and refuses to start. Other times, the picture immediately pixelates with blurred sound. Usually both cases are solved by taking the disc out, moving it around a bit, re-seat the disc in the holder. Start the disc again. Store bought DVD's do not have this issue.


"Netflix does not do a good job of screening disks" as in they don't is a better scenario. When I had DVDs (canceled way before the price change), I can't tell you how many DVDs of old(er) TV shows were flat out damaged. Not scratched, but where the hubs had cracks. I quickly learned to always inspect before I play.

Greg Sargent

I have been having a lot of problems with broken or cracked DVD's also from Netflix. Had two in a row a couple of weeks ago. Seems to be occurring more frequently. One disc looked as if there was an attempt at repairing the crack, but it still would not play. No, I do not believe NF inspects discs when they get them back. Probably only when they receive a reported issue do they do anything about taking that particular copy out of circulation, if then.


I've had that problem a few times, though not recently. I was usually able to get to work if I viewed the DVD with VLC rather than Apple's DVD Player.


no but having trouble with roku freezing

Larry Dallas

You people have no idea what Netflix does with it's disc and it's funny watching you guess.


Happens to me with new releases, but only occasionally. They typically work in a DVD player, but not in my Mac or PC. It's copy-protection - the drivers that drive DVD drives in computers are more fickle than in DVD players. Copy-protection software (ab)uses that knowledge by intentionally burning DVDs that are flawed enough, so more sensitive computer drivers reject them, but the less sensitive DVD players won't.

You people have no idea what Netflix does with it's disc and it's funny watching you guess.

I know exactly what Netflix does with its discs. They send out scratched and damaged discs with increasing frequency, judging by my own experience (three damaged discs in a row, not counting the damaged replacements they actually sent me) and others.

My experience with DVDs used to be pretty good -- one damaged disc over a year or more. Now three in a row? I know what Netflix *isn't* doing, and "quality control" is a big part of it.

Increasing quality control problems are a sign of an unhealthy company.


I had problems watching DVDs from Netflix on my drive about a year ago. Then I started having problems with my drive reading any optical media whatsoever. Then I took the Macbook in to Apple and they replaced my drive and everything was fine.


Nope. I've got two Sony DVD players (one Blu Ray) and I only have a problem when the DVD is visibly damaged, which is very rare; lucky me.


My Laptop drive is 5 years old I'm running Ubuntu with protected extras installed. DVDs of all kinds play perfectly in VLC and Handbrake has no trouble chewing threw DVDs I've bought recently. Even scratched DVDs that won't play on my DVD player get ok mileage on my PC. Don't see why Mac drives should be having any problems. I guess the drivers in Ubuntu are more flexible and tolerant. Try running Ubuntu on your Mac(the Mac version of Wubi called "Mubi" should be somewhere) and see if you have better luck.


all the time. cracked dvds, unplayable, etc


sent a cracked one back and they sent the same one to me again so i threw it in the trash


It happened to me with a new Blu-ray player, it won't read Netflix DVD's (new releases).

Returned my Blu-ray in warranty and they returned it saying it was not a player issue.

So I think I had the same issue. Now I stopped DVD's from Netflix.


Probably needs a software update if its new releases Avega. You should call the manufacturer about it. Your player is fine it just needs updates to read the copy protection on newer titles.


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Sometimes as drives get a bit sticky/dirty over time, they have harder times tracking the disks. Since the Netflix discs get (ab)used pretty heavily, they tend to be much more scratched up than typical discs you may own. Thus, if you test your own disc, it works fine because they tend to be pristine clean and the drive easily tracks the disc, but the Netflix ones are marginal.

I have replaced old DVD players that couldn't play Netflix discs well and then everything new coming in played well again. Getting an external USB drive as mentioned above may solve all your issues.

I do watch a lot of Netflix movies on a Mac, and do not see any copy protection issues. I do see some very scratched up discs from time to time that play just fine on an external drive I don't use much when the internal drive is having problems.

(I do think that Netflix "tests" bad DVDs on people reporting bad copies by sending them several reported bad in a row, if I report an unplayable disc, I almost always get another unplayable one the next shipment, and then the 3rd shipment works fine).


I would assume it is the drive. There were some firmware updates issued, so check for those in updates.

I have replaced the same model twice in the same laptop; they each end up with the same reading problems.


Has anybody been having problems adding movies to their Netflix Instant Queue? I have 441 films in mine, and when trying to add more this morning, it's giving me the "your queue has 500 movies" message.


It could be the label that Netflix adds to the disk. I've had a number of disks where the label is off-center, with one edge of the label actually inside the hole in the disk. It's subtle, hard to see, but it causes the disk to wobble. It can be unplayable, or the disk can just skip badly, as if there's something wrong with the disk, but it's just the label. Trim the label and it works fine...


Usually I have to clean them - but now, I bought a cheap external drive so I didn't have to do the hard reboot to eject a bunch of discs ... I recommend it - it is annoying to have to have a portable drive hanging off it but a lot simplier to eject a disc from an external drive.


I do not play DVDs on my computer, but I have had frequent problems with Netflix DVDs on both of my DVD players. Freezing up, pixelating, etc. while DVDs that I own do not have this problem. The last DVD issue was from a title released this week and the disc froze up, I ejected and reloaded in my player to get a BAD DISC message.

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I have been a subscriber for three years. I have had four bad discs in that period. I do not play movies on anything but my dvd player and flat screen tv. Why would anyone?

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Donny Wallace

I have had almost only problems playing DVDs from Netflix on my
Phillips player. Tree of Life which is a brand new release is now playing at about 3 frames a minute speed and no sound. Breaking Bad which THANK GOD they put on Instant so there is somethings good to watch constantly stopped and skipped. But I have found a solution on how to fix this DVD problem with Netflix-
cancel the service and never use it again. They can contact me personally when the people in charge choose to release everything to instant demand and we get like say 10 titles at a time in our que for a set and reasonable price. I need to be somewhere like Austin where you can watch real films in a real movie palace and great prints with a great screen. Watching on TV or in a bad theater really Su*ks. And I miss getting to see great films because the people in charge won't release them right. Why can't they provide us with Paramount Theaters if they won't get HD prints of films on instant viewing along with all the hot TV Shows, cartoons and live music performances. Netflix suc*s. I already have enough problems trying to locate the good new music amongst all the C*ap that gets in the way of finding it.

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