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I'm astounded that I'm saying this, but ...

Glad to hear it.


So they made money this year, but not this quarter? How did they mess that up, one would expect things to get easier as it gets closer to Xmas. One also has to consider that if the third quarter loss continues that very modest profit will be eaten up easily.


Yet every single store anywhere near me has closed.


I would think that with all the Netflix bashing they have been doing they would have picked up a good chunk of those 800,000 subscribers that left.

This is not a good sign for Blockbuster at all. Net income of 3.3M on revenue of 601M? That sucks!!

Fred Talmadge

Unfortuantly they made money on Netflix mistake, not on anything they have done.


If you read the statement it shows that all of the money from the Blockbuster Movie pass subscribers is going to Dish Network and not showing as Blockbuster Profit. I know I am one of the ones that left NF to go to BB.


If all the typical Blockbuster fans have been dumping Netflix to go back to it, no wonder I haven't gotten a cracked disc in a while.

EL Don

Didn't Netflix Make money on Blockbuster mistakes?


I really don't get this article at all. BB made money, just not in the last quarter. They are back to loosing money, but announce that at some point they made money, just not now. Obviously the income is from the acquisition. Something got liquidated or licensed out. Now they are back to loosing money and being a drain on the US economy.

Walt D in LV

Here, in northwest Las Vegas, there are still several Blockbuster stores, and as avid a Netflix fan I am (for nine years!), I still use the stores to get New Releases and video games.
For some reason, I also use Blockbuster by Mail, I think because I can return the disc to the store and exchange it for another title. This isn't as good as it used to be, as that title you take home from the store counts towards a rental out from your Queue, so they won't send the next one until you return it, but it's still a quick turnaround.

Blockbuster being profitable lets me know they'll be around for a minute. I've only used Redbox two or three times, and don't do Netflix Streaming. Though their selection is not nearly as grand or diverse (especially in the stores), Blockbuster definitely provides a great alternative to Netflix to get movies.


I use both netflix and blockbuster. I like the unlimited in store exchange package for blu ray and new releases at blockbuster. I like the deep, deep back catalog at netflix.

So a combination works for me.

I tried blockbuster online, however, and didn't like it.

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