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Directv isn't supporting the Roku hbogo app either which is strange as they offer it for subscribers on their laptops and mobile devices. I am not too happy with their decision myself and I emailed them and they sent me a response basically saying that my message would be forwarded onto management. I want it on the Roku so I can stream "The Wire" onto my television instead of having to watch it in my mobile phone. I am just going to have to wait and see what happens I suppose!


Yep...as a long time DirecTV subscriber, I too was looking forward to buying a Roku only so I could watch HBO Go on my bigscreen instead of a laptop of cellphone.....

I'm sure they'll eventually get it going. Don't know who's fault it it though, Roku's, HOB's, or D*'s????


Optimum also doesn't participate. There's an HBO Go app for the iPad and now a Roku channel, neither of which I can use.


I bet if enough of HBO subscribers threaten to cancel their subscriptions they would start supporting the roku HBOGO channel.


does HBO still show junk ?


Yeah, I'm interested in HBO Go, but I want it as a standalone item, without having to have a cable/premium channel subscription.

Mundane Dolphin

The brief time I had Google TV, one of the "highlights" was HBO Go. Comcast did not support it on that platform either.


Having cancelled the Netflix instant as a result of the price increases, my Roku has gone unused for a few months. Using this to watch HBO's original programming has filled a bit of that void.
Being a new dish subsrciber - gives three months of HBO without payment. And HBOGO allows you to access all prior seasons of programming not yet relaesed for dvd (Game of Thrones, True Blood Season 4, Boardwalk Empire Sns 1-2).
I have a lot of watching to do before the free period expires.


Well, I just watched HBO Go on Comcast/Xfinity using the Logitech Revue and it all worked well. Good picture quality and nice sound. This is in the SF Bay Area so it might be different in other areas but it's not blocked here....

Pete Gonzo

I called Comcast and the customer service rep had no idea what HBO Go was. SHe transferred me to the sales department and I hung up after waiting on hold for about 10 minutes. I will be cancelling Comcast soon for Dish.


I've been badgering Brighthouse to add Go support for about a year. They just give a form reply as if I was a customer requesting a new channel. The only thing they need to do is making some sort of a member login on their website so HBO Go can verify that I'm a customer. It's similar to how this website can use a Twitter or Facebook account for the comments.


@chrs.. So how is paying more for all those combined services working out for you? So what was it about Netflix that bothered you so much? Having to deal with multiple websites? Having to pay for more than one account? Having to pay a couple of bucks extra for streaming?

Yeah.. paying more for Blockbuster, and Dish makes a lot of sense. Unless of course you are getting the employee discount.


I sent Comcast an email about this, and this was the reply I received:

"Thank you for contacting Comcast Email Support. My name is Rosalinda and
I appreciate the time you took to email us regarding your inquiry.

I understand that you are requesting for Comcast to support HBO Go
through Roku and you would like to also verify if Comcast has any plans
to add this new feature of accessing HBO Go using Roku in the near
future. I know how important it is to submit your request and verify
when will Comcast support the new feature through Roku so that you will
be aware of it. It will be my pleasure to provide helpful information
that will properly address your inquiry. Rest assured that the
information in this email will help you with your concern.

Christina, upon checking my resources, it appears that there are no
updates yet about when Comcast will support HBO Go through Roku. Rest
assured that we are committed in providing our customers with your
programming and viewing preference. You can submit a request to add Roku
by using our customer feedback form. The customer feedback form can be
found by going to www.comcast.com and scrolling to the very bottom of
the page then click on 'Comcast.com Feedback' or just click on the
following link:


We appreciate the fact that you took the time to let us know what is
important to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific
details regarding the launch of this new additional feature at this
time, please keep an eye on your monthly billing statement for the
announcement about new additional features might appear on those

Hoping they will support it soon.


I pay for college football and espn. Everything else is extraneous. Cheapest tier possible. Till NF finds out a way to fill that niche, I don't have an alternative.

I liked NF streaming when it was included, but got rid of it by reason of the new charges. It wasn't paying "extra", it basically doubled the netflix cost, so I elected to maintain the current 1 at a time plan.


I love having HBO GO on my TV thru ROKU. It has *most* of the original series that made HBO great. However, there is still a lot of missing content: Kids in the Hall, The Larry Sanders Show, Mr. Show, Da Ali G Show, The Comeback and more. I look forward to HBO adding these shows soon.

Oswald Copperpot

That Nomad from DirecTV isn't really as good as it sounds like, it's an attempt to go after the Sling Adapter from DISH Network, but it falls up short. I've had the Sling set up with DISH for a while now, I actually worked with it during its release since I work for DISH. Now unlike the Nomad, the Sling is able to stream live TV, work anywhere in the world, and gives you access to 100% of you DVR content anywhere and anytime.

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