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Jim Edwards

I started seeing this a few days ago. Mainly if not exclusively on animated titles. Wonder if there is a color issue in the app.


Happened to me yesterday with the App on my LG tv. I noticed a few other titles have new (but correctly colored) covers now.

Bob Naylor

I have seen it on my Samsung BD6500 Bluray player. Out of about 350 on my streaming queue about 5 to 7 will be inverted and displaced one row up and one slot over. Doesn't happen all the time but have noticed it creeping in over the past 2 weeks.


Noticed this on Ken Burn's docs, Baseball and Civil War.


Both a Thomas Jefferson doc. and African American Lives did this,on Roku.


Also noticed this on Ken Burns' titles in my queue.

Kathy Abbott

Yep our Roku has it too


Civil War for me also


hacking, i like that
but more than that i like tweaks.

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