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Fred Talmadge

Using Linux and a spam filter helps avoids these problems as well.


The headline of this article is a little freaky and misleading - i think - using Netflix (or iTunes et al) isn't the problem, nor are users at risk, from my understanding. It sounds like it's hijacking users who "search" for those things and then click on links thinking they are going to GO to netflix or iTunes. It's good to make people wary, but i think the message is a little buried.

I get spam every day pretending to be my eBay account with faux links -- which i know not to click on. But that's different than making me think eBay has got a problem or i risk malware by using eBay. Neither is the case.

AntiVirus is for the infected

Anti-virus will not protect you, because they can only respond AFTER infections have been ongoing. You have to be immunized.

Use only Adobe Reader X or higher, uninstall prior versions. (aka Adobe Acrobat) Or, replace with another product.

Use only Java 6 update 29 or higher, uninstall prior versions.

Use only Flash Player 11.1 or higher.

If you have Office installed, make sure you have activated Microsoft Update. http://update.microsoft.com/
Windows Update, by itself, is not enough.

That is how you prevent infection.

Nicholas Scafidi

An easy way to tell if you are at a legitimate site is to look in your address bar and check that it says "https" before the website. the "s" means that you are at the SSL encrypted login page and not some phishing site just trying to steal your login credentials.

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Prior to his death (and in his biography), Steve Jobs hinted that Apple TV would be the next big thing and this article suggests that the proper interface to completely integrate you computer, music, videos, photos, and television will soon be released. The picture above is a rendering of the Magic Track Pad with a built-in iOS. The current track pad is a glass multi-gesture surface, so it wouldn't take much to produce a similar remote control device.

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