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Same thing happened to me but it queue not really gone was a temporary server issue. Queue was back to normal in 2 days. But do call netflix they logged issue occurred.


If anyone is interested in the details of the DVD vs. BluRay issue, I've documented it on the AVS forum. Here's a link to the first of several posts about it in the thread.



I rarely rant on these message boards (what's the point), but start rant: A 'similar' thing happened to me with my 'disc queue', which was the last thing I needed to happen before I canceled my account permanently after 10 years with Netflix.

On the phone, I was told 'our engineers' are aware of the 'disappearing queue issue' and are working on fixing it. But in the meantime, you can go on new adventures to rebuild your queue' (disc queue). Yes, right, because I have nothing better to do than to remember what was in there, after years of use. I hung up with customer service and googled this issue. It seems it's been happening as early as 2003. Sorry, Netflix, despite countless recommendations of your service to friends and acquaintances, your blase attitude regarding customer service, and arrogance in not actually addressing certain issues has caused me to cancel both streaming accounts, and move to Blockbuster. I had not been in BB stores in YEARS, but as a movie lover I finally wondered if I was just suffering from a case of extreme 'loyalty' and 'comfort'. Since they don't listen, I am posting it here-kill the '28 day window', buy more copies of BD's so we don't wait a week for a new release (and I won't need to go to BB), fix the queue issue (queue and recommendations are still superior to BB, imo, but I don't want to randomly lose 500 selections with no fix), and fix the bleeping outages and drop outs while I was streaming. I'd love to come back, for your queue, recommendation and overall selection of indie and Criterion flicks, but your competition is putting you to shame right now, my former internet and business darling....suggestion for your next 'PR SPIN'...pretend you are the 'underdog' (you are), and humble yourself to put your customers 1ST. Maybe the 800,000+ you lost will think that you are really trying to be 'the best movie access service' that you claim to be.



Nope, queue looks fine so far today. Probably just a glitch.

Philip B

My entire instant and dvd queues are gone after I cancelled and then reopened my account in the same day. I didnt think I would have the money in my account for my monthly charge so I cancelled to avoid overdraft fees. When I cancelled they said they would keep my queue for 2 years, so I wasnt worried. Later that same day I discovered I did have the money in my bank so I reopened my account that same day, and low and behold both my queues were empty! Had I not just paid for the month, I would have just recancelled. I dont want to have to try and remember what was in my queues.


@Dave, same thing happened to me. I called up and they had me add a title to my instant queue on the website and delete it, and then my queue was back.


Here's a solution to the blu-ray problem. If you really want DVD, but they keep sending blu-ray, change your account to not have blu-ray. You'll be getting the DVD's you really want, and you'll pay less per month.


Try looking at your account through FeedFliks.


solution: Redbox


Sure, Redbox is a solution of you only have interest in 30 different movies.


I had the opposite problem where NF sent me SD instead of BD, despite everything set to BD. I called CS and they sent me an extra disc. It hasn't happened again.


I've given up on trying to arrange my instant queue in any sort of order that would make sense to me, and give me some convenience.....seems like every time I log onto my account my instant queue has been shuffled into some random mess.


"Here's a solution to the blu-ray problem. If you really want DVD, but they keep sending blu-ray, change your account to not have blu-ray. You'll be getting the DVD's you really want, and you'll pay less per month."

This would be awful. I just want the occasional kids disc to be DVD, everything else BluRay. IF I even temporarily downgrade to DVD only, all my queued Bluray movies would either disappear or convert to DVD and I'd have to change them all back later. Yuk.
My annoyance with NF isn't that they sent me the wrong disc (once), but that they seem unable and/or unwilling to efficiently fix it, and that they admit to the flaw with no interest in fixing it, or compensating me for my wasted time.


no problems (so far) thru Wii or Blu-ray.

Anytime i get the email asking about the quality of the show, i always mark unacceptable. My thinking is that they will continually look into it. If i say 'its fine" they'll leave it alone and do nothing.


As for your Que'd List. It may sound odd, but just copy/paste the text into notepad. OR into MS Excel. Import the data and save the file.
takes few minutes and do it like 2x month.
Can you import back into netflix? NO. but you'll have your list at least.


My Instant queue disappears, reappears, and seems to always have a different order every time look. That's on Neflix devices - the queue always seems to be there on the computer. But then the whole Netflix Instant interface is such a disaster, I don't see how they are going to conquer the World with it.

I bailed on Blu-Ray way back when Netflix imposed a surcharge. I get my Blu-Ray's from my BlockBuster Total Access account, and they have no problem with the Standard/Blu-Ray mixtures in my queue.


I have a different queue issue. Although my NF experience has actually improved a great deal overall in recent weeks (faster DVD delivery, somewhat better streaming quality, and many expired selections have been re-available within a day or two), the first two selections in my DVD queue are now routinely passed over for shipping. (I have the 2-disc plan.) It's as if they have become invisible. They have not been new-release/high-demand films, nor have they had red-letter wait times. In fact, if I rearrange the titles so that my fist choices become my third and fourth choices, they are shipped out.

Very odd.


They've been screwing with the sequence of my Instant queue again lately. Not as bad as a few months ago, but still annoying.


If NF doesn't fix the QT then they could end up an MIA then all us customers could wind up in DS and end up being put on KP.


Seems to be problems with not testing it enough

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Robert Coates

seems to me that customer service reps can do very little about anything. It seems like the computer is in charge.


Dave's post is a major white whine.

Ted Logan

To poster Stevel & all others:

This script adds to your Netflix queue pages a fully configurable multi-column sorter. It allows you to shuffle (randomize), reverse, and sort your DVD or Instant Queue by star rating (suggested rating or user rating), average rating, title, length, year, genre, format, availability, playability, language, etc.


Get DVD box images in your queue


Thanks Ted, those scripts do look cool but I've got no real use for stuff like that. I just wish N* would leave my instant view queue in the order I put it in instead of shuffling it into some random mess every time the feel like it.


After putting my account on hold, then re-activating it, my queue was lost. I was told, after several emails to netflix, that it would not come back. I canceled it them right on the spot. years of movies that I wanted went into that queue...
they could have cared less.

Money Baggs

white peoples problems. get a life, netflix is so cheap what 7.99 maybe 15.99 a month for all the movies you can watch. and u complain about these minute issues? get a life people.


Yeah I guess if you're NOT white, and things are cheap....you just take whatever crap companies shovel at you huh????

Don't know about anyone else, but I have a GREAT life...and it's made up of all the little things that I fill it with. I just personally don't like to fill it with things that are annoying or that waste my time.


Not sure what the back end to Netflix is like but it sounds like database issues to me. I have had to call 3 times due to movies not shipping while being 1st in the que with no message like "long wait" e/t/c. Odd issues like this reek of database problems.


OMG so much whining! Does BB keep a list of the movies you want to watch?

Our family has NF on almost 24/7, but we hardly ever touch the queues. The ONLY issue I have is not being able to have a separate instant queue for the kids, so I don't have to see 1000 Thomas and Friends vids in my list. Then again, I rarely even watch the DVDs we pay to have sent. :p

I agree that NF shouldn't treat this like a non-issue, but it's really not a huge deal. As others have said, use FeedFlix, a notepad document, or whatever to keep track, just in case. If you lose your list, just look through your recommendations and find a few you want to see.

It's not like the movies have vanished off the face of the earth, just enjoy the process of finding something to watch again. It's supposed to be entertainment, you make it sound like a chore.

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