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Firefly is a given ;)


Gilligan's Island


I really doubt special effect heavy canceled shows would be resurrected with Netflix.

Well see though.... *Shrugs*


Terriers and Chicago Code wouldn't be a bad start.


Star Trek: Enterprise

Or, bettter yet, an all new Star Trek series!


Yawn. Never watched it. Don't have NF now anyway. Waiting for Amazon to win the streaming wars!

Nathan Hiatt

Bob, if you don't have NF why would be on a NF site? Firefly is a stretch because of Castle. If it falters in the ratings and doesn't get picked up, maybe... but each year it's not on the air makes it harder to believe the interest would still be there for it. With Chuck done though, that opens up one actor. I would love some more Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. The special FX budget might be rough, but if they can afford the cast of Arrested Development... I would think they could afford the special FX cost of terminator with a it having a cheaper cast. I enjoyed Lights Out and so did the critics, but it's ratings were so bad I can't see NF taking the leap.


Life on Mars -- the U.S. version.


@Nathan Hiatt

Because after 8 years as a NF subscriber - - -

I can! So there!


Arrested Development was my #1 to bring back. I guess a couple others would be: Camelot, Kidnapped, Party Down




If the sad state of tv continues, I can add Community to the list of shows I want to come back.


This is amazing news. One of the best shows ever!!

I'd love to see Netflix bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000. I'm sure they could do it reasonably inexpensively too. That would be pretty amazing.

On a side note.. I really hope Community doesn't get the ax. It's seriously the funniest show on TV... until Arrested Development comes back anyway.


bob your not contributing at all (as usual) your wasting space. Your kind of pathetic actually and rather comical at how pathetic you are. Y don't u find a amazon blog a bitch on there. I don't watch it either but netflix is moving forward. If your not giving them your money any more you have no reason to talk about them now. GO AWAY YOU PATHETIC PERSON GET A LIFE!!!!


Bring back the Riches!!!


I just don't get all the love for Arrested Development. Maybe they'll make it funny this time?


Flash Forward...loved that series


Terminator the Sara Conner Chronicles ...was building to the apex and then wump had the rug pulled out - a cool show that needs an ending

...Lost ...negate the shows ending and start the chaos engine back up ...could even do it with a new cast if writing was clever


As long as we're talking of impossible resurrections ...

Defying Gravity


Firefly and Stargate Universe.


The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.


Lucky Louie
King of the Hill
Tough Crowd
The War at Home


Some I'd like to see:
Monk - although this one would NEVER happen
King of the Hill
Sarah Conner Chronicles
10 Items or Less

vanessa berntsen



Babylon 5
Star Trek

I would pay a per season fee of $20-$50 for each series to bring them back.

I would also consider signing a 1 year commitment contract to help pay for a series while a studio gathers funding for the show. If during that 1 year they are able to obtain enough funding then I would be obligated to pay XX dollars for the show.




Better off Ted. I'll also throw out a second for Life on Mars, Star Trek Enterprise and Firefly.

Arrested Dev. was seriously funny and I look forward to its return. Hopefully NF continues down this road of content development. Subscription prices would prob have to increase but might be worth it if they give us some good viewing.


I would have them resurrect Minute Men!

Of course, these "exclusive" deals for show production make me wonder if they would ever be released on DVD upon completion of a season. I mean, why would Netflix want to discourage subscribership by making it available on disc to just anyone. Where would that leave the folks who want to own it forever? They'd probably be out of luck.


CARNVIALE! Firefly, Deadwood....


WRT "Firefly," Nathan Fillion has a series ("Castle") and wouldn't be available. Neither would Adam Baldwin ("Chuck"). So even if they could get the budget, they couldn't reunite the cast.

WRT "Enterprise," even assuming they could get rights, I'd say let it RIP. Berman and Braga totally screwed that series with its finale, and had completely run out of juice creatively.

I've heard they're thinking of doing another "Dr. Horrible." Netflix would be a great venue for that.


Journeyman (lol No seriously, I liked that show.)
The Dresden Files (No? Ok then.)
The final 5 episodes of LOST, rewritten/re-envisioned.

Half-seasons to complete the story arc for any major show that got canceled in the last 3 years and left us with a crappy season cliffhanger and no closure (The Event, Flash Forward, etc.)

Or how about Original Netflix series that are meant to only last 1-2 seasons (so the storyline doesn't need to be stretched so thin that people lose interest like with current Network shows)


I'd also like to see a return of King of the Hill


30 Days
Pushing Daisies
Better Off Ted
Dead Like Me

I'd also like to see them pick up some web shows and up the production quality.
Eg. The Battalion (thebattalion.tv)


Pushing Daisies
Better Off Ted
Star Trek movies (maybe DS9 or Voyager; can't stand the reboot big screen movie; want some of the old casts to get back together on the small screen)

How about a Night Court reunion movie? They're all still alive, right?


Seinfeld....a man can dream can't he?

Speaking of Sony Pictures, they are working on their own internet network.


Firefly & Wonderfalls. Not that I think either is likely...

James Waldbillig



The Office - the British version of course.


The short-lived but very cool series TRAVELER.


"Pushing Daisies" definitely ended too soon and since it left with a cliffhanger of sorts, has an excuse for returning. Also, something needs to save Kristin Chenoweth's reputation before she gets stuck in a textbook cliche sitcom and annoying pop country.

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