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Netflix Learns From Mistakes: Pisses off Wall Street Instead of Subscribers


I've not been able to access my Netflix account for the past three hours. Was working fine earlier today. Hope they resolve the issue soon.


Have they been hacked again?


Haven't been able to log in for over 4 hours now.


I can't log in. BummeR!


I can log in from my phone, and even access streaming content there, but not from my computer. What gives?

Devon McLaughlin

couldn't log in, called netflix and was told they are trying to resolve the issue.....


I've been there for the last hour and a half. No problem at all.


I just got booted out off my iPhone. Can't log back in.


Started having trouble when I installed the new Wii app, but now I can't log in on my PC either. It was working earlier today. I called tech support, but I was never able to get through to a person.


Watched 2 streaming movies on Roku, the last of which ended at 8:30pm ET. After that, my IW queue was no longer visible. The search tool was available, as well as recently watched items and suggestions for various categories.

I was able to stream an episode of Mythbusters using its listing under recently watched items, but my queue has still not reappeared.


I can't log on from laptop and GoogleTV. But it works on my XBox 360. Netflix can't afford these screw ups.

Jim Anderson

Have had problems the last three nights streamimg video from Netflix. I was all set to change ISP- however it looks like Netflix I should change.


Am I the only one having problems with new titles not showing up on their instant que? I recently added Morning Glory, and Teen Wolf and can only play them on my laptop. When I got to try and play on my blu ray player they are unavailable?


Just updated to the new Netflix kids on my Wii and now it continues to tell me it is unable to connect. Called Netflix, they suggested I try all the things I already did and said they would send me an email with more troubleshooting options. Turned out I had already done those things as well. It has to be a glitch with the update, it happened out of the blue immediately after. Still won't work. Works on my laptop still, just not the Wii. I'll pester them again tomorrow if it doesn't magically start working by then. Where are Netflix's competitors? Sigh...


I have not been able to log in for about 12 hours now...


I have had 146 password reset requestes emailed to me as I was sleeping... Not done by me. Assuming they are hacked again. Changed to a 40 char number/letter PW combo. And will cancel if not live by end of today.

J Barrett

Suddenly lastnight I could not log in. Theerror message was that the usernameand p/w did not match. I clicked the helpicon and recieved a dozen emails to change my p/w. Any ideas?


j Barrett that means the site was down. I got the same error last night on my Ipad.


With all of the recent maladies both created by Netflix, and suffered by it's users, I am going to stay with my DISH Network, and the Blockbuster Movie Pass. What has been seen in the past few months is a "snatch & grab" job by Netflix, with price changes, company splits, and the reintroduction of tired old content. Clearly they are flailing, where DISH has purchased Blockbuster, added to their HD lineup, and made it SO MUCH easier for the customer to get all this fresh content. I got the Blockbuster Movie Pass through work at DISH, and have been amazed at both the amount of content, and the ability to get it anywhere (TV Everywhere, BBMP) streaming live, by-mail, in-store, on my Tablet and more!! DISH learned from Netflix's mistakes, and made it easier and better for their customers, not weaker and more difficult!! Go to the DISH homepage for some customer testimonials!!


Had issues logging into my account last night. Now I am getting about 10 "Netflix password request" emails every hour... Needless to say, I haven't requested that many of them.


i didn't have problems Saturday night but i had problems Sunday night i also have hulu and had a problem with them and rebooted my roku. still had a netflix problem but not with hulu but by then the walking dead was on and i watched that instead.


I had some problems with my roku box over the weekend. There were 2 shows that it simply refused to remove from my queue. It would then let me browse netflix, but denied me access to my queue. I tried to rectify the problem by disabling browsing, at which it told me my queue was empty when it clearly wasn't. I had to go to the website and manually remove the 2 shows from my queue and the problem was gone.


get a life people. stop crying like a bitch


I watched Netflix all weekend and didn't have a problem, I live in CA and use AT&T. I would like to know where people live and the ISP used that had the problem.


i'd had trouble signing in last night with the saved info from my browser. i thought it odd but requested the password anyway. never got an email. requested again. never received one. i woke up this morning to 40 emails from their password reset email. i reset my password and was done with it. no big deal. however, now i'm continually receiving the password reset email. i'm sure they'll get it fixed sooner or later. not the hugest deal, but i've been receiving those emails all day and i just keep deleting them.


I too have been experiencing a large volume of password reset emails after requesting a password. Additionally, I have experienced the randomness of which systems could stream or even give me access to Netflix...Mac, no; samsung phone, yes; Dell, yes.


Anyone else having trouble getting HD. I tried Lost and Mythbusters and the Roku doesn't say HD for quality.


I streamed all weekend, no problem, with Roku. Using Time Warner in Los Angeles.


Uhg. I signed up for netflix last night not knowing they were having these issues. It was so confusing that I canceled and signed up again twice thinking that it was *my* issue. I know I'm a retard, but I thought their customer support would make it right. Nope. Anyway, I blew $40, have no account, and never watched a movie. I screwed up, but netflix blows.


So Netflix is supposed to fix your stupidity Chris? What, they do TV, movies and moron damage control? hahahahaha


Does anyone know what happens on AppleTV when these Netflix issues occur ?

This weekend I was getting a 'An error occurred loading this content' error however I'm unsure whether this is an AppleTV or Netflix issue.


Lucius, my excuse is that their site is/was acting crazy. I had the impression my account wasn't really even created. What's your excuse for being an a**hole?


In addition to the missing queue issue on my Roku, my IW queue online has once again fallen victim to the "Netflix Shuffle." I no longer have any third party apps linked to my account, so I blame this one entirely on Netflix. I'm getting really sick of spending hours each month resorting my queue.


I have had no netflix for more than 24 hours but have received about 100 emails from them to reset my password. sounds like a hack job to me.


I updated netflix on my Wii and it would not let me login. It kept telling me that there was no account associated with my password/email address. I wished I had backed up my old netflix channel to my sd card but I figured out a way to fix the horrible problem. If you have a softmodded Wii you can get the Netflix channel .wad file from wehackwii.pbworks.com click on wii channels and download it for your region(USA). I deleted the new channel from the wii menu and went into multi mod manager and first Uninstalled the wad(it seems netflix was still on the system somehow) then installed it. I am now back on the old v1 Netflix channel and it asked me to activate via netflix website, did so and now I'm watching netflix on my Wii again. It's a shame they screwed up the new channel so badly!


Last night I decided to leave Hulu and come back to Netflix, because my new android phone does not support Hulu.

Here I sat last night in a hotel room with sucky hotel Internet that could hardly pull up a Internet site, let alone stream video, a nice android phone that supports Netflix which can be hooked up to the HDTV in the room - and I could not even login to Netflix to select a movie to watch. Why to I have a feeling that my welcome back period to netflix will not last much longer than my stay in this hotel....


@Brandy, I am also having problems with Teen Wolf :( Was super excited to watch it because I missed it on TV. I added the show to my Netflix Instant queue and was going to watch it on my big screen TV via my TiVo but for some reason the show isn't showing up on my queue on my TiVo :(


Still no fix for my problem, but they did send me 27 emails with the useless instructions that I had already told them I had done. Thanks Netflix, hurry up and get streaming on the Wii, Blockbuster, so I can cancel these nimrods.

Johnny Sweet

I had some updates on my Vizio TV a couple of hours ago and for two hours I could not get Netflix to work, but now it seems to be ok again.

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