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Dave DuJour

Yes, I saw it a couple of times while watching "Ever Since the World Ended". I think that was the movie anyway. It was a couple of months ago.




I haven't seen that but I have seen some streams with logo's on them from TV networks. A few episodes of Stargate Atlantis had a logo I didn't recognize. I can try and find which episodes if someone wants to check. I know one was the episode where they find a wraith stranded on a dessert planet with the lightning bugs.

Big Dave

I haven't seen this, but I have seen warnings that say (paraphrasing) This DVD is for sale only and is not intended to be rented.
What's up with that?


@Big Dave: You can print anything you want on a dvd, it is used to encourage companies to buy rental disks. It has no legal weight.


It's great!Thanks for posting.


The above post is spam. Isn't there a way to cull the spammers from this board? Maybe we need "report" links on all the replies.


I've not had this- but yesterday I watched a documentary on Pete Rose called "4192: The Crowning of the Hit King." As a Reds fan, it was actually quite good...for the first 50 minutes. For some reason they only uploaded the first 50 minutes of the movie.

I checked online, and the movie actually runs and hour and a half. But on Netflix, it cuts off before Pete even becomes the Hit King. Kinda wasted 50 minutes...


I got a screener copy of "A Scanner Darkly" from Netflix once.
I also received an obvious bootleg copy of Oshii's "Avalon".


I wouldn't be surprised if some customers switched the copies when they got them in the mail with their pirated stuff.


Agree with Galagatron. Easy to make a switch with a popular title. If Netflix had any QC employees left, they might be able to investigate this issue.


Galagatron may have hit it on the head. I've gotten a couple of disks that were obviously burned copies with a well-printed label. I've heard of people making copies of disks they wanted, and returning the burns...


@rjr Seems as if 4192 is "Not available" Reviews are still there. Hope they are fixing it.

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