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Tabloid by Errol Morris appears to have disappeared from the available movies after two weeks in my queue. Any idea what's happening there?

Donald Sykes

The same thing happened with the Bill Cosby Show it was on Netflix for about 1 week and then disappeared around Nov. 1. Instant Watcher and Feed Fliks said it was on instant streaming until 10/2013 now it says coming 01/01/2100, which basically means they have no idea when it's coming! UGH! What is Netflix doing?????!!!!!!!!! Are they putting shows up prior to the date they're allowed, if not then when they sign a contract and set up the dates for it to be on instant streaming why would they take it off??? It's stupid you'd think in any case they would be more careful so as not to lose more customers.


How come the "New Releases" category on the Netfilx DVD website never updates?
True Grit was released on Netflix in early June. And Black Swan released in late March. Yet they are the first 2 movies in the "New Releases in Blu-ray" section of the website. I don't think that category has updated in months. Looking at the New Releases Sortable list I cannot find any of the new releases that I have watched in the last couple of months.



I think that is based on what they think you will watch. Like mine right now doesn't say Black Swan and True Grit.

If you want to see the newest New Releases, go to the DVD part, select New Releases, scroll down to the section named "Released in the last:" and set that to 1 week. You will see the newest new dvd movies.



Joyce McKinney, the subject of Tabloid, is suing Morris claiming the movie "promotes vicious and malicious lies" about her. Maybe that's why Netflix yanked it.

Amazon has it for sale as well as VOD, and Blockbuster still lists the DVD as available for rental.

I was lucky enough to get it from NF before they pulled it; it's worth seeking out.

Account Deleted

Other streaming notables (in my opinion)

Burn Notice Seasons 2-4
White Collar Season 1

'Meek's Cutoff' looks interesting as well.

Robert Emmerich

Are there links on Hacking nf for InstantWatcher or Feedfliks anywhere? Seems like a natural, especially w/ how often those 2 get mentioned here, and Hnf is on the IW site though I didn't see it on Feedflixs.
I know I could just bookmark them but I'm here everyday and only visit those occasionally so I as looking for somewhere to "click".
Oh, and I don't know how long it's been there, but that investor "disclaimer" is hilarious.

Account Deleted

After I made my last post, season 1 of Burn Notice and Season 2 of White Collar were added.

Scott Baker

"Holly's World" seasons 1 and 2 (starring Holly Madison) came out on DVD September 27 and still is not available on Netflix.

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