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Not sure I recall such a large & prominent company selling shares after such a HUGE recent decline in value.

And not needing the money makes it even worse if you ask me.


So lemme get this right.. There running out of money and there expanding international and singing Arrested development? WHOA wait a minute, How about content for international movies? LOL REED what are you doing??!!


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This sounds like damage control. Netflix needs cash to obtain more streaming content. They really shot themselves in the foot for paying so much for epix content. Netflix should have done this *before* the 60% price increase, qwikster disaster, loss of members, etc fiasco.


Aaaaaaand the stock got hammered for this move. They're going to teach about NF in b-schools as an example of how to run a great brand into the ground. See also: Blockbuster.


Pre-market trading is 69.00 and still falling.

Whoa Nellie.


That's what they get for thinking they knew what was best for the people & not asking it's userbase what they really wanted out of Netflix.

They just assumed we would take whatever they decided.

Well see how they do in 2012.

Edward R Murrow

Panic move on the part of NFLX executive team.


new streaming content is what is going to make netflix great. they are signing the hell out of new contracts so WE GET MORE MOVIES and it costs a lot of money. Why is it surprising that they are doing this? and they have MORE customers NOW than BEFORE the price change BTW....


The problem is that with paying so much for epix content, netflix raised the streaming price for all content. Thus $400 million may not be enough to sign quality content.


@Joseph, because you use CAPS doesn't make it true. NFLX says they have less subscribers today than before the price increase.


@Joseph, streaming subs are up because that is all NF does when they expand into other countries. Yes, they ARE adding streaming content - for a price. NF is at the will of the streaming producers (studios) and must/will pay what they ask or not have any streaming content!

NF OWNS the DVDs. That's an asset in their pocket. If they move to streaming, they trade an asset for a liability in streaming royalties.

If you think you will still be paying $8 a month for streaming by this time next year, get real. Streaming prices WILL have to rise to offset all the fees charged by the studios - or you will see content that expires after a few short months.

Remember, history has shown that innovators that are first on the scene, often do not last. Someone comes along that produces a better product based on what the innovator created.0 Amazon, Hulu, Roku, etc.??? may prevail in the end... at NF's expense.


BTW, here is an AP news story documenting todays (11/22/2011) fall of NF stock and NF's recent actions.


i hate bob

hey look bob (person with no life) is back. A non customer bitching about netflix. Get a life bob. We know you would rather pay more for movies. Go pay per movie with amazon. Go to blockbuster and sign yourself up for a 2 yr contract to stream. BoB get a life go away!!!!!


So lets ask this question to every one. Let's say netflix doesn't recover from this. Lets say they don't make it to 2013. Then what happens. Does anyone really think that another company will come along like netflix. Don't you think the market will change like the studio's want pay per episode and pay per movie. I hope netflix does'nt fail i like watch as much as i want


Yeah, being a 6-yr customer of NF and only quitting them this past fall when they went MENTAL - makes me a loser. You can't even use a real name.

I tell it like it is - you hide. NF is/has made a large mistake on their future. Streaming pricing HAS to increase to cover the money they are outlaying. You WILL be paying more next year for your precious streaming. The money just does not add up. It is why so many financial analysts agree.

NF has forgotten who brought them to the dance. Hastings has made a mistake. They bought back shares earlier this year at $218 each yet sold them for $70+ dollars recently. Smart? No.

I'll come back next year and ask you, if you are still here, how you like paying $24 for what you tout today at $8.


Agreed BoB, all these people that are dashing on us will have their foot in their mouthes... Foolish people same as the other foolish people that talk about buying their stock since its low... LOL well go buy it Netflix is selling! LOLLOL all the way to the bank!


Oh and (I hate bob) You are one of the foolish people... so proud but so dumb.. Their moving over seas for exzpansion are they going to have to buy that content, they dont have the same content as the U.S. WHere is all this money going to come from.. but hey you dotn care cause you cant wait to watch arrested development... or the Pearl Jam video... Some new content for my man I hate bob... he's happy!

Last time I hate bob, you jsut watch you precious company and the great ideas there working with... heck go and give Reed a HJ and tell him hes the man... someone needs to!


If Netflix fails then the Studios win. They don't want you getting all you can watch content for any price.

However we also have Amazon and Redbox? Whenever Redbox dishes there streaming service? Also Blockbuster streaming is coming to non-Dish subscribers too. As well as talks of the Dish service going Online too.

However maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's see how the world expansion goes.

Me personally, I think they have plenty of content to keep my eyes happy.

Some of my previous issues with Netflix still exist however no company will be perfect. It would be nice if Netflix had a forum for user suggestions and complaints and comments. :p


Great, now can they please pay an advertising agency to produce some new radio commercials instead of the ones with that stupid quiz show format?

Louis S

I still haven't been able to figure out why the hostility towards Netflix, when all you have to do is just cancel your subscription and move on with your life. If you found something better, good for you.

I still haven't found anything better than Netflix out there, maybe one of you former subscribers can point to where on Amazon, you can list the movies and TV shows you want to watch on a queue, or where they allow you to cancel your subscription anytime you want, or better yet - where Amazon allows you to stream movies and TV shows on my iPad or iPhone. Maybe someone can point out where I can subscribe to HBO GO or Blockbuster WITHOUT going through my cable company.

The point is, Netflix is changing to an entirely different business model and is going through some much needed growing pains. I agree with one of the previous posts that alluded to prices going up, and I agree that they will. With those increased prices will likely include better and newer product, as Netflix will work out deals with the studios. It never ends the same way it starts, and look how far Netflix has come in only a few short years.


Its cause We want Reeds head on a plate... plain and simple, he steps down and it will all be over I guarantee... Then you will see people comeback...


Mike & Bob should be banned from posting here.

OCD is a treatable medical issue.
There are medications available to help them.

The rest of the sane world should not have to listen to their mental problems for months on end.


...well ban me... then... I think its my opinion on whats happening or going to happen, but hey your just not old enough to swallow the truth... here how about some spaghetti O's for the kid at the table that doesn't want to eat thanksgiving.

I am just stating the truth as well...


hey jon, netflix has gained 1 million subscribers since january this year according to their investor website. So its not caps that make it true, its the facts. BAM still the best game in town. 7.99 is totally reasonable. And 7.99 for 8 dvds a month or 11.99 for 16 a month is also COMPLETELY REASONABLE and the CHEAPEST game in town.


First of all, where does it state on Hacking Netflix that only Netflix subscribers are allowed to post? Or only opinions that are favorable toward Netflix are allowed?

What's the point in holding a discussion if only Yes-Men are allowed at the table?

That said, I have enjoyed the content I have been able to access via Netflix, but I am fearful that it might all go away. Considering the way the company has been handled lately, the thrashing they have taken in the stock market and the ever-growing costs for streaming content, I'm not so sure the company will still be here in a year or two. Even if it is, I fear that it won't even resemble the NF we have grown to love.

And, yes, I am a current subscriber...not that that should matter in determining whether or not my opinion is "valid."


heck just ban everyone



It has nothing to do with being a yesman.

Its why should the masses have to witness other peoples mental disorders for months on end.

Have some compassion for the sick ones.


Sorry RJM, maybe you should have sold when Reed Did.. =p


Mike, you moron,

Ive never owned the shares.

Price decline doesnt bother me. I thought it was overvalued for years.


Netflix has made some serious blunders, and is paying for them. On top of poor decision-making, NF has a poor customer service record, and a reputation for being hard to contact about specific issues. I have had a number of service-related NF complaints over the last several months. To name a few: higher percentage of unplayable DVDs; slow delivery turnaround; constant (as in every few seconds) streaming interruptions; gaps in streaming content and/or truncated videos; blurry and/or pixelated streaming video. In light of the price hikes, I was irked that I was experiencing a dramatic deterioration in NF services. (It was not the hike, in and of itself.)

The good news: thankfully, some of those issues are being rectified, and I am seeing marked improvements in streaming quality and more consistency in DVD delivery. I have also seen a few great content acquisitions (of course, this is always subjective, depending on the interests of the subscriber), and speedy renewal of a lot of expired content.

The bad news: if NF doesn't patch things behind the scenes and develop solid strategies for its future business plan (note: it may already be doing/have done so), it could have dire consequences.

As a NF consumer, this concerns me. The all-you-can-watch model - both streaming and DVD plans - is well worth the price paid. No one else in the current video rental market can rival both the content and the pricing structure of NF. The NF subscriber can upgrade or downgrade, put a hold on, or cancel his/her services at any time - something I don't believe the other providers offer.

So, yep, Netflix/Hastings messed up big time. Its stock is still falling. But if NF crumbles or gets bought out, or if the Netflix model changes drastically, moves toward the pay-per-view scheme, it will be much more costly to customers than the recent price hikes have been, and there will be no other company to provide a comparable service.

I am neither blindly loyal to, nor impossibly incensed at NF. I want NF to get its act together, to stop making bone-headed moves. I want it to pay attention to customer feedback/opinion. And I want it to succeed. I also don't mind paying a fair price for the service. As others have said, I like being in control of what, how much, when, and how often I watch. Right now, only NF offers that flexibility.

That one guy

This thread is ridiculous. Since bob never cites any resources for all of the "Facts" that come drooling out onto his keyboard I will help to clarify a few things.

1: Netflix may own the plastic that a dvd is printed on, but they certainly do not own the content. Contracts are written for DVDs just like they are for streaming content. The reason DVD content is more obtainable is because Netflix guarantees the studios X amount per Disc. The studios still don't understand that Netflix could make them the same amount of money without dealing with plastic and postage, but they will eventually understand. Do the studios still produce VHS tapes? Physical content is dying.

2: The pay to play business model is desirable to business-men, but a complete death trap for consumers. Netflix will continue to succeed, and BoB will continue to cry.

If you want to do a little homework about Netflix just go to wikipedia and read about them.

I think BoB has spent too much time in front of a TV screen. His brain has melted! But hey, if he gets his way, We'll all be spending 150 bucks a month for comcast and getting commercials shoved down our throats until we're all as stupid as he is.

That is what we call a burn BoB. Would you like some ointment?


@That one guy

Contracts are written for DVDs just like they are for streaming content. The reason DVD content is more obtainable is because Netflix guarantees the studios X amount per Disc.

Citation needed, please.

The last time I checked, the First Sale Doctrine guarantees the purchaser of physical DVDs and BDs the right to rent them, and Hollywood can't do a thing about it, including demanding additional licenses or payment.

I've never seen anything to indicate that Netflix pays a dime to content owners for DVD or BD rentals, beyond the purchase price of the discs. In fact, if a subscriber returns discs quickly, the postage costs alone can exceed the subscription fees; therefore I can't imagine Netflix could have become as profitable as they have (prior to streaming) if they also had to give Hollywood a cut of every rental.

I don't mean to sound rude, but it looks like you could benefit from doing a little homework yourself.

That one guy

how do you explain the 28 day release delay.


@That one guy

Netflix made the deal to satiate the studios and in return gained access to additional catalog streaming titles and a lower purchase price on discs. There was no mention of any kind of kickback or per-rental fee that was paid to the studios.

Why would Netflix agree to a delay and pay the studios per rental?


@ byteme

You beat me to it. ;-)

Here's the link I was going to use:


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