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Pissed off netflix user

I was able to bypass the prompts back during the hack outage, but now during this maintenance i cannot access netflix at all! Any ideas?

And by the way, why in the hell doesnt netflix have an email/chat option online? Lets say i was deaf/mute, had no way of doing a relay call, now what?


netflix should be able to work without a psn its bs really

Hugo Ramirez

When there was the outage I had very little problems watching Neflix on the PS3. All I had to do was try to sign into PSN twice then it would give up and leave me alone allowing me to sign into Netflix.

Now no matter how many times I try signing into PSN it just keeps popping up not allowing me to access or log into Neflix. I gave up and I am just going to watch Neflix on my laptop.

Pissed off netflix user

I contacted playstation with an email and they basically said you are screwed. You agreed to the new terms and such with netflix that an active PSN connection is needed for use. Total crap.

I suggested to them that netflix should be a stand alone connection, and should not be dependent on a PSN connection.


"It would be great if the Netflix PS3 app no longer required PSN"

You sure got that right - it's pretty ridiculous that I have to have a PSN account (with a credit card number!) when all I do is use the Blu-Ray and Netflix features. I'm not a gamer and never will be. Plus I'll never buy anything from the Play Station Store (or whatever Sony calls it). So what's the point!!


This was one of the things that frustrated me most when I had Netflix. Then came the service splitting price hike and I had had enough. It may sound odd coming from a DISH Network employee and subscriber but I rather liked Netflix while I had it (while it was working anyway). But I actually have something better now with the Blockbuster Movie Pass, it has streaming, DVD’s, Blu-rays, and video games (so I was able to cancel my Gamefly account too), plus 20 movie channels, all for less than the new price of Netflix’s streaming + disc rental services, and I can take the Blockbuster discs in for in-store exchanges too.


I like how you say "all for less than the new price of Netflix" Sure, you are paying a little less, but you are one of what, 100,000 people who are already dish subscribers? Anyone else would need to pay upwards of $50 dollars to access the limited library and the long delivery times of Total Access. But hey, whatever works for you.


@CJ don't know what you're talking about, but you don't need a credit card on file to have a PSN account


It's not that *Netflix* requires PSN, but it's that *any applications* using the internet connection on the PS3 requires signing in to the PSN. This is built in to the operating system.
The interesting little detail is that BluRay content does not need a login. This is why it was a bit of a change going from the disc based method to the built-in one.

During the PSN outage, Sony was sending back a response that would let Netflix log in so that it wasn't offline - since Netflix had its own login it didn't need the PSN. I guess they didn't bother this time, or it wasn't possible because it was completely disconnected and not just firewalled.



Your theory only makes sense if everyone was able to to access Netflix during the original PSN outage. Many were not. I was one of them. No matter how many times I accepted or cancelled the PSN log in attempts, I was only ever able to access Netflix during the first few days of the outage. After that, I was PS3 Netflix-less until PSN finally came back up. It's a nice theory though...

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