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I will definitely miss Starz, but I don't know that I'll miss them enough to warrant the higher cost they were insisting Netflix charge. I wonder exactly how the "deal... was an albatross for Starz"? They got paid a lot of money, and got a lot of name recognition, for their contract. I understand they felt that their content was worth more than $30M, but I don't see that as an "albatross."


Starz is dead, they just don't know it yet. Starz had no value to Netflix, the Sony and Disney content did, Starz was just a way to get that content. Without Netflix Starz is just another fish in an already overcrowded pool. Without Disney and Sony then Starz is really dead. What content is left?

The future is studios making deals directly with Netflix, Hulu, and others. Middlemen like Starz only existed because companies like Sony were prohibited to own broadcast networks. The modern age has removed most of the barriers (hence Crackle).

The fact that Starz is trying to take credit for Netflix is sad also. I appreciate Starz because it gave Netflix a variety of content. However Netflix didn't need them.


I had heard of (and used) Netflix before instant streaming. Starz? Not so much. I remember reading about Starz Play titles on the Netflix site and thinking "wait, there's another pay network?"

Robert Emmerich

Is there a hard date when all the Starz stuff disappears from nf? I think I have some stuff in my instant queue like this season of Torchwood. Feb. has 29 days next year.


I've only watched a few Starz titles on Netflix, so they definitely had no influence on my subscription. If their picture quality wasn't so absolutely awful, maybe things would be different...


I won't miss Starz. So much of the licensed content was not shown in HD. The only thing I ever really watched from Starz was the first season of Spartacus.

Super Donkey

Won't miss em. They have very few "Premium" titles. They can go hock there wares elsewhere. If Starz does not renew with sony and disney, those contracts will be open for Netflix to negotiate on their own. I'm going to guess Netflix has more money than Starz.


Starz is definitely no big loss to me. I will just have to wait for Spartacus to come out on DVD. I watched very little of anything else that was specific to them.

Kale Barton

This is turning into a bad CW soap opera! I remember the days when Starz was the pay channel, other pay channels made fun of. The arrogant rich kid-HBO, the popular jock-Showtime, the slutty one-Cinemax, and the jock’s lil’ bro-The Movie Channel. And Starz was the outsider, forever taunted by the ‘in’ crowd’.
Then the new kid arrives in town-Netflix, and the outsider-Starz dares makes friends with him...Netflix becomes popular and well liked and the outsider’s status rises too, and the others are threatened. The others are sooo jealous, they start whispering to the former outsider and get him to turn on the new kid-and forget the years of torture at their hands, welcoming him into their clique.

Will Netflix get with the smart girl-the customers? Turn in next week for an all new Dawson's Streaming Creek! 8/7 central on the CW.

A rising tide lifts all boats. It's wrong for Albrecht to credit Netflix's success to Starz's presence. Netflix was already a successful company when they entered into this deal to make Starz Play available to NF subscribers. And how was this deal an albatross? Starz did not suffer, but has thrived during the (almost) last 5 years. Subscription numbers actually rose, greater visibility, and critical buzz. The hard work by both companies is the reason for both succeeding.


Starz has been dead to me since they cancelled Party Down.

Kale Barton

Robert Emmerich asked
Is there a hard date when all the Starz stuff disappears from nf? I think I have some stuff in my instant queue like this season of Torchwood. Feb. has 29 days next year

The Starz contract expires Jan 31. But you should hurry and watch ''Torchwood Miracle Day''...Starz is gave it a short streaming window, it expires Nov 25.


We have Starz as part of a cable HD package. We tried to get the package cheaper - without Starz and a couple other channels we did not want - but that's not the way it worked. Can't remember ever watching anything on Starz.


“It became a deal that was an albatross for Starz but … I think you can say to a great extent that the success of Netflix was based in part on the back of Starz programming,” Albrecht said."

Actually you can't, I actively avoid anything that is Starz Play because it will inevitably have poor video or audio quality. Sometimes both.


Starz was complete crap on Cable and spammed the damn guide along with its crap its tryin to sell to Netflix, Party Down is the only show that i find worth watching, its a damn funny show but not worth 30mil or even the 300mil they are turning down now (so i read in a review)


ive had netflix for a year and a half now and i watched spartacus and maybe a movie here in there from starz but i signed up to starz over the summer to watch torchwood got a good deal and i kept it on for a few weeks after the series ended and canceled starz because nothing was on. i have a feeling that come march of next year , starz wil be missing netflix.


There was a point, very early on, when Starz content was important for netflix. They were the only semi-recent movies. That's no longer the case.

Now I have 100 movies in my list, and only one of them will go away when the Starz deal expires.

The thing is, Netflix knows this. If every netflix subscriber had a queue full of starz only content then they'd be cutting a deal. The fact that NF isn't still trying to sign probably means that everybody else's queue is probably just like mine.

Account Deleted

As recently as earlier this year, I thought Starz was a good deal. For some time, they've had at least as many good big event films as their competitors, some of best of the more mainstream foreign and independent films, the promise of the occasional solid original show and a more worthwhile lineup of catalogue films than other pay channels. Now however, I'm ready to ditch them for HBO whether they figure some way to salvage their relationship with Netflix or not. Their supply of new mainstream films has slowed to a trickle, their catalogue selection is still usually good but mirrored to some extent by Comcast's On Demand and Movieplex, and while I like Spartacus and Torchwood, if I have to choose, I'll take Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire thank you very much. At this point, they are being outplayed by better competitors on all fronts.


i concur with everything everyone said. bad move, starz. good luck finding another way to add $300M to your income statement from other outlets ...


I hope Disney and Sony don't stick with Starz. Skip the middle man and go on to Netflix. I got rid of my Starz channels a few months ago because they never played anything that I wanted to see. It was always the same movies. I ended up getting HBO and Showtime instead. HBO has HBO GO which was worth the increase.

I love Disney and there are a few 70s movies through Starz Play that I will miss, but not enough for what Starz is asking for. 90% of their library is crap. Everyone knows it except them.

They are like WMG and Youtube...so far WMG has been missing out on all the revenue lost because people will post WMG content illegally.


**“We had realized that premium — premium TV, premium packaging, premium pricing, premium tiering — is the bed that we are in … [and] is something that the Netflix model was going to undermine [and] not enhance,” Albrecht said.**

If that's the bed your in Mr. Albrecht, your service is dead already. That model is on the way out and it's just not Netflix anymore. Others such as Amazon and even Blockbuster/Dish have seen the writing on the wall. Rest in Peace Starz, because you're headed to an early grave with that kind of backwards thinking.


I seem to remember all the Starz IW stuff is not widescreen. I rented the DVD for many a title I could have watched on IW for just that reason.

Robert Emmerich

Thank you very much Kale Barton for the Torchwood bad news. I wasn't in that much of a rush to watch it but now I gotta get moving. Seems I need to keep a much closer eye on my que.


"Netflix 5 year and $30 million contract signed in 2008"

Since when do 5 yr contracts end after 4 years? Was the last year an option year for Starz?


Hell no! Starz (like HBO) cuts their movies to make them more "family friendly" and that is a heinous crime against humanity. They should be sent to Gitmo where they belong.


Starz was ok but certainly not worth having to jack prices up over.

They like to think they are "premium" but they really are not.

My guess is a few years from now, they will look back at the lost revenue from NF and wish they would have signed on again.

But, at that point, they will have little negotiating leverage.


I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the emphasis on "premium" from the Starz CEO. The majority of Starz content is not what most would consider blockbuster titles and the picture quality is truly wretched. Premium? I think not. Good riddance to Starz.

Steve C

I primarily watch foreign, classic, and independent film titles. I generally avoid Hollywood and other mainstream movies because they're almost universally cr*p. My guess is that accounts for 99% of Starz's content.

Occasio Gee

I guess I'm going in the other direction. Starz has established itself as a forward thinking network on the cable side. I think they are going to be one of the first to help cable establish it's new niche in a digital age. Another network I would keep an eye on is Epix.

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