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Rather than use Netflix, I think I will subscribe to expensive cable TV, drive to and from the local BOXXY video rental outlet waisting my time and gasoline, and, settle for a movie and TV library that is a fraction of what Netflix offers. That makes sense?????

Robert Emmerich

Andrew Keen sounds like that Texas politician a few years back who said if a woman is getting raped she should lay back and enjoy it.

I really can't read that quote without thinking he is being sarcastic. I just can't.

It's like saying the survivors of everybody who died in an exploding Ford Pinto should go out and buy themselves a new Pinto to save the company. Madness.


@Josh, wake up and see that there are better alternatives. After canceling my Netflix, I switched my disc business to Blockbuster and it's been great -- the are just as fast and responsive as Netflix on discs. Plus they have new releases in stock, they have more stock of Blurays and if I want (and I do) I can exchange movies in-store.

As for streaming, I went with Amazon Streaming (both with Prime and POV) and haven't looked back.

For the article, I agree with Robert. Not quite sure what Andrew Keen is trying to say and if it was laced with sarcasm or not. The last sentence reads like: Re-subscribe to Netflix so that you can help fund their development process.

No thanks, I am not a charity. If Netflix needs money, they need to find their own investments to fund it. My dollars, which are not adverse to Netflix, can find their way back to Netflix if they are able to provide what Blockbuster and Amazon are currently providing -- and better.


Uhm, yeah. Blockbuster isn't any cheaper or better. Amazon has a smaller library. Hulu+ may have it's place, however, the library is still smaller.

It's cheap. What's not to get here? Do the math. People just want to complain.


"That way, Netflix can continue to innovate"

They're still doing that? I thought they stopped that a while ago.

Really though, there are two kinds of innovation. The first kind gives customer what they want, even if they didn't know they wanted it in the first place. The second kind cuts cost, increases productivity, etc. in order to line executive's pockets. I'm pretty sure that if Netflix is still innovating, they've switched from the first kind to the second kind. I'll assume that Andrew Keen is referring to the second kind of innovation in his statement.

Jan Studebaker

I agree with fully with TechCrunch! I find it difficult to understand why anyone would drop Netflix for a couple of dollars a month increase, as the plan is still an Incredible bargain! I should add that some of us have had a price reduction.


"Do you think Netflix will be crucial to continuing to help change the way we are able to access movies & TV shows in the future?"
Of Course! They are still the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Personally, I use Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, Cable TV - I pay for convenience to watch whatever I want whenever.

Fred Talmadge

I don't stream and didn't like paying for it when I can't use it. So the changes were welcomed by me.

Joel Bloch

What Hastings and his apologists forget is that cancelling Netflix or one segment of netflix is a rational economic decision. We simply did not use one segment as much as the other and therefore paying the same price both both streaming and dvds was a waste of money. That's standard decision making 101. Hastings "mistake" that not realizing how many people were going to make that decision. What Keen doesn't seem to understand that if Hastings wanted to fund innovation, it is much easier when your stock is $300 a share than when it is $90. That's a much better source of funds for innovation than try to squeeze a few extra dollars out of customers.


I have no problem supporting NetFlix in a continued effort to innovate, as long as that innovation is on behalf of the customer. Personally I think they lost sight of that and the moves they're making now (and recently) have been all about the bottom line and to hell with the customer.

I desperately want a real competitor to emerge. I think that is the only thing that will return Netflix's attention to their customers.


If Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft haven't jumped in fully what makes anyone think some other mysterious competitor will emerge.

The fact of the matter is Netflix is such a good deal, that Microsoft, and Apple haven't figured out how to get in and actually compete. Their business model is to lure you into their ecosphere then rape you for every dime they can squeeze out of you.

Amazon is competing by essentially giving it away to their Amazon Prime members.


I sent the following to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

ATTN: Andrew Keen - Ask Reed Hastings why the official 'Oliver Twisted' movie DVD (2000) is still not on Netflix.

You all got this because there is no direct email address to contributing writer Andrew Keen who wrote the article 'In Defense of Reed Hastings' at http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/05/in-defense-of-reed-hastings/ (hint to the webmaster ) and the requirement by the comment tool on the site that requires everyone to create/have an account on the internet turd that is facebook (another hint to the webmaster and the finger/bird to the idiots who decided to make that a requirement ).

ATTN: Andrew Keen

Ask Reed Hastings why the official 'Oliver Twisted' movie DVD (2000) is still not on Netflix.
Read what I already have posted at http://netflixcommunity.ning.com/ where I have three forum topics.
Under Netflix Business, Press and Industry
Netflix Makes Another Video Apology + My Response in Text + A Note to the Netflix Community
Under About Movies
'Oliver Twisted' (2000) - The Official DVD IS AVAILABLE, Contrary to the Posting on Netflix!!!!!!!!
Under About Movies
From the 'Orlando Weely' FALL GUIDE Film Scene By OW Staff Published: September 29, 2011

Note: Check out the other comments under your article, then ask yourself, are you a complete idiot or is/are some-thing(s) missing?

SJ Doss

My family did not use Netflix as an alternative to Cable TV. Nor did we slobber all over streaming it to our computers. We used it as a DVD rental service. And apparently so did a lot of other families.

We typically rented only one or two movies a month and considered the streaming a nice add-on for the game console.

When they raised the prices and split the services, it forced us to look at how we were renting and we found there were less expensive alternatives. At 9.99 for one or two movies, we were paying about $5 per disc.

We would never have paid for streaming alone as the quality is so much less than DVD, but as an add-on it truly enhanced our rental experience.

Ours was not a decision made in anger, ours was a practical decision based on cost. 9.99 per month with a streaming add-on was a great deal. 7.99 without streaming was not a great deal. I have a strong suspicion that our family was not the only one to make this connection.

We have been without the Netflix rental service for three months now and haven't missed it. The hubris from the company and its supporters is both surprising and appalling. Netflix is not a necessity, nor is it a replacement for the cable box. It is an entertainment rental service and a luxury item, nothing more.

Art Artistry

@Cthulhu, Amazon doesn't appear to have Oliver Twisted, their page also shows that its from 2004. http://www.amazon.com/Oliver-Twisted-Erik-Estrada/dp/B000BR6V4G/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1320927439&sr=8-5

Wikipedia doesn't have a page on it. Netflix has to have enough copies of a dvd so that anyone using the service can get it, so when you were the third assistant director on that movie 11 or 7 years ago you should have done a better job so that someone actually cared about it enough to make some copies.

Terri Coop

If I get told one more time that my protests and dissatisfaction with services that I pay for is "whining," then there may be blood.

Reed Hastings sowed the wind and is reaping the whirlwind. Netflix quit being innovative a long time ago and has now even lost the burnished glow of being a trailblazer. It is just a common company - a purveyor of a commodity. And when I am unhappy with it - I will complain all I like.

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