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Interestingly, last week there a whole list of British films, shows, and miniseries on the Expiring Soon list at FeedFlix (Doctor Who, North & South, Pride & Prejudice, Keeping Up Appearances, The Office, some Michael Palin travel shows, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and others) to be removed 12/1, though the date wasn't listed on any of them in my queue. However, this week they're no longer listed as expiring soon. I wonder if FeedFlix just got it wrong or if Netflix renegotiated at the last minute (or if they're still going to be removed 12/1...I guess we'll see)?


Yeah but I think the problem with this one was it never showed an expiring date. It just disappeared.

Robert Emmerich

Thankfully somebody a few blog posts back informed me that Miracle Day would be expiring on Nov. 25. Thank you again. It was listed on IW and I think on the nf website as expiring on the 25th but not anyplace useful like the Wii, PS3 or iPod app where I actually watch nf. I checked b/c I'm cynical and don't believe anybody.

For those of you who missed it, consider yourself lucky. Torchwood was one of my favorite shows ever but this was in no way shape or form Torchwood. It was a 2 night 4 hour NBC miniseries where a heroic african american Mikel Phifer and his teeny tiny perky little caucasian blonde assistant, w/ the help of a rapist killer (Bill Pullman actually pretty good mimicking Robert Deniro from Cape Fear but having nothing to do w/ the plot), have to save the world when an epidemic keeps people from dieing. Too make it excruciating to watch the 4 hours were stretched to 10 hours. The last 3 hours Torchwood shows up to save the day. The last episode was ok, but was no where near worth the first 9. If you watched and hated all those mid-season Flashforward episodes, this entire series is made up of them. If you were a big B5 fan and wished season 5 had never been made, well this is far worse than that.

So to all who missed it, I say count your blessings.


While I still think Children of Earth is much better, I really enjoyed Miracle Day.


I'm pissed cause I was halfway through the season and now its gone, and its not on Starz on demand either, so now other than paying for each ep on itunes I have no LEGAL way to actually watch it. And it didn't have a warning on xbox either, it just disappeared, which was the most frustrating thing.


I feel sorry for those of you who didn't get a chance to see it.

I feel sorrier still for those of us who did.

Kale Barton

I'm sorry for those that were in the middle or wanting to watch it. But Starz gave Camelot the same short streaming period on Instant Watch back in July, so I suspected (and warned on message boards as many as I could) that Miracle Day would get the same treatment especially with Starz not renewing the contract. Camelot returned to streaming this month-a total of 3 months after it's first Instant 'window'. So if MD followed that pattern, it wouldn't have shown up again until February, after the expiration of the NF/Starz contract.
There was an expiration warning in the queue online, as well as on my PS3 NF app. And , as mentioned instantwatcher.com.

Kale Barton

And Re:Doctor Who-there's still no expiration date next to it in the queue, so I'm hoping that means a renewal was worked out.


A couple of months back Netflix had most of the James Bond movies available for a while, but some of the early ones (Goldfinger, From Russia with Love) were only available for a few days.

Starz is a dopey company. Their movies were not in HD, and some were actually pan-and-scan. I hope Netflix finds a better source for that sort of content.

Riverside Guy

It is Netflix's responsibility to it's customers to keep them informed... I never saw any notice that it was being removed from streaming.


my feeling on why starz pulled it is that iis out on DVD or coming out on DVD and i'm sure they want fans to go and and buy it.


Netflix made a change to their web site a couple of months ago, eliminating the "Expiring soon" warnings. It would have been tricky with Miracle Day anyway since most of the series is staying put.

I checked at Instantwatcher, and according to them, all of Doctor Who is expiring at the end of January. It's possible it'll all be renewed as we get closer to the end date.

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No doubt there was a lot of heavy duty hacking of the Glulx interpreter to get the game to run on Kindle. I don't know how much effort would be required to make this into a general-purpose interpreter capable of running any Glulx or Z-Machine game, but I sure hope that happens. The game is well worth the $4 to support IF on a new platform. Heck, if Maher puts this project on Kickstarter, I'd be happy to kick in more.


Doctor Who is no longer on streaming...


Welcome to the world of streaming! NF at the mercy of providers (studios). At least with DVD rentals they OWNED the content! But they seemed to have abandoned DVD structure and put themselves at the mercy of content providers!!! Bad things man, bad things.

Kale Barton

Doctor Who status update...
at instantwatcher.com
Seasons 1-2-3-4, now carry an expiration date of Jan 31
Season 5's expiry date is May 9,2012
Again, renewal are common, and if s5 is set to stay until May, it's a good bet the other seasons will be kept around beyond Jan 31.


The problem with this expiration is that no warning showed up in my instant queue. I believe that was because Netflix had lumped all of the different Torchwood series together in the queue, and the other series were not expiring. I had gotten through five of the ten episodes of Miracle Day when it expired. I would have appreciated some warning!

Dorothy Grabos

If Netflix discontinues Dr Who and Torchwood, then I discontinue Netflix. I can buy the DVD's and know I will have these shows forever. I was hoping Dr Who season 6 would be streaming soon, but I will stop hopping now.


Funny that this is perhaps the first mention of the Sony situation since it happened 6 months ago. We were told it would be resolved soon and then nothing more was said.
I'd suggest that some of these news sources should start holding Netflix to that statement, but with all their other troubles why bother?

Jon Heretic

I am massively pissed. There was no warning--and if there had been, it would have made NO SENSE. It was just released!!! The last one I saw was actually good (most of series 4 has been awful; and I Like Torchwood). But I don't give a crap about who pulled it...I pay Netflix to see content, not to see it yanked only a few weeks later with no friggin warning.

Last straw for me.

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