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If Netflix or Bank Of America think they have issues... just wait until Time Warner Cable tries this one.


Of course cable companies will raise rates next year. Raising rates is what cable companies DO.

Fred Talmadge

Seems like a conflict of interest. Legal chalenges, FCC, and upset customers. Doesn't look good for them.


Seems like a risky gambit that may push more customers toward the door.

Account Deleted

All I ask is to get access to channels or even individual shows ala carte. Will big cable ever do this? Not unless every other option is exhausted, and maybe not even then.

Since that's the case, I'm going to cut and cut and cut every time Comcast raises prices on cable. I don't have any problem paying for content that I like. What I DO have a problem with is subsidizing the Kardashians, Toddlers in Tiaras and all the other smegma on cable. Why do I have to pay not just for programming that I don't watch or have an interest in, but that I actively loathe?

This is the case with the majority of the content available through cable, yet I keep paying because of news, the handful of good shows and some sports. If they increase fees still more however, the decision to finally cut will be easy.

Nathan Hiatt

Comcast, AT&T and other ISPs all ready do this. The govt. is almost powerless to do anything, Net Neutrality was severely neutered and is currently being attacked via budgetary constraints that limit its enforcement. This is inevitable unfortunately. I have Insight cable which does not have caps, but they were recently bought by TWC. Once the deal closes and TWC gets their hands really involved I could be subjected to this cap discussed in the article. Fortunately for me Cincinnati Bell is rolling out Fiber and I have an alternative. That doesn't exist for a lot of people though.

Cable is being short-sighted by this. Instead of trying to salvage their dying cable-tv brand they should be looking at why the internet side is so profitable and look to maximize that... not cut it off at the knees to save a dying industry. I agree with Jared above and that's why I ditched cable months ago... I will never go back.

Robert Emmerich

Every year my cable bill goes up. Usually the same month that they are losing channels - first year was ZoomHD, then Food Network, then Fox. Broadband has been stable though at $45. Woudln't be surprised to see the price go up across the board. I'ld rather they come up w/ tiers and stop all this BS lieing about how they have a pay-one-price but if you go over you are charged more. I really actually hope the govt gets involved and tells companies if they start charging for a higher tier - over 250gig or whatever - then they must start charging less for anyone under 50gig. Many people have broadband just for web browsing and email and probably never stream a thing, no way they should be paying $50 per month. So by all means raise your rates cable companies, but only if done fairly. $10 every 50gig or something, I haven't actually done the math.

I never see this mentioned, but I bet some video game consoles use up more data downloads than video streaming - Sony and Microsoft offer gigs of games and videos. I'm a light gamer doing 20gig a month on my PS3.


Cox Cable - KS just started showing a usage meter for customers.

My level of service allows 200gb. The last two months, I have used less than 25% of that amount.

I watch numerous, almost daily programs via Netflix, and I download quite a bit via Usenet.

I expect my cable company to continue their periodic increases, which are usually around a $1.00-$1.50 plus tax. They typically increase the speed around the same time. When I started with them in 2003, my speed was about 1.5mbps. It has increased over the years to about 12-15mbps now.

I don't mind their moderate price increases and speed increases, as long as they don't try to jump up the price, say 40% like some services recently did.


Why not? They increase costs for everything as it is. My cable bill goes up 9% tomorrow. I'm sure they will need to squeeze more money out of us for internet use.


Today the dow is up over 400 points. Netflix, however, is down 7%. Where will the bottom be on this stock!?


"Today the dow is up over 400 points. Netflix, however, is down 7%. Where will the bottom be on this stock!?"

$50 is a likely initial target for the stock. That is where there seems to be some substantial technical support.


"Today the dow is up over 400 points. Netflix, however, is down 7%. Where will the bottom be on this stock!?"

Nobody knows but it hit the 52 week low today($62.37).

As for cable companies: they will always raise their prices because they can, many ISP's already have tiers for usage.

Whoa. Wait a Sec....

They better not try this crap. What about gamers who download games from Steam all the time or play streaming games on OnLive?

Aside from watching online content.

Plus all the cloud backing up?

If these companies are also ISPs they need to be ISPs. They are still making cash off of being an ISP even if there TV bizz is lacking because they fail to innovate.

So quit the BS and offer excellent Internet service. Right?


cry me a river


Time Warner Cable already mailed out their rate increase notices for 2012.


We dropped our cable years ago (I don't care about sports, so I don't miss it) and get broadband via DSL. We have a supposed 150GB cap, but from what I can see AT&T isn't even trying to measure my usage.

Google is doing an experimental buildout of fiber to residential customers in Kansas City. Once that is in it's game over for any competing broadband provider which tries to have caps.


They will do this - they are that stupid. Trying to extract more money from a decreasing customer base is the beginning of a downward spiral. Trying to hide it as an increase in ISP charges won't change that.


This is not clear. "cable company will move to usage-based pricing" for watching cable television or for use of the internet?


We dumped tv 2 years ago. Used 1/4 of the saved money for dvd rentals, and watch the few tv shows we like online...anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours after tv has broadcast them.
Donated the tv sets to local charity.
Have not missed tv one iota. We like watching what we want when we want, no longer tethered to tv schedules, hours of ads.
An added plus is that LED monitors, instant rewind provides for better viewing.


I work for DISH Network, I understand that companies must increase TV fees as the cost of programming from the TV networks goes up. I also understand that many cable TV companies provide internet service. They are not increasing internet fees because they have to. Bandwidth technologies continue to improve and yet they claim that here are these “bandwidth hogs”. In truth they are afraid that people will leave their expensive cable service for online entertainment. Personally I prefer to keep services separate for reasons like this. Time Warner is currently in the process of increasing rates around the country. My DISH bill has been locked in since February of 2011 and will remain so until 2013. I just need to find a good internet service that doesn’t force me to have 30 year old TV technology in order to get a good price on broadband.

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