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not me.

Daniel L

Just so people understand, you only get 1 free DVD. They aren't bumping you up from 2 DVD's out at a time to 3 for the rest of the month or anything like that.

You get the free DVD. You return the free DVD. You return another DVD you already had out. Then you get your next one. That's how it works.


My billing date is today and I switched to streaming only yesterday. I doubt they will still send this to me...that is if they really were going to be sending it to everyone. Somehow I'm skeptical, considering the fact that I haven't received any of the offers or refunds that have been posted over the last few months. I guess I'm on Netflix's sh-- list.

Oh, well. No biggie. It's just one disc.

By the way, I haven't even received the discs that were mailed before the switch yet and they have already disabled viewing of my DVD queue. You can't even browse DVDs properly on a streaming only account. That really, really sucks. Even though I'm streaming only, I'm still a subscriber. Why hide half the site from me? Stupid.


Does anybody have a link I can click on to get the free DVD? I was using my school email address and it was canceled the other day and I cannot access the free disc.



> Mine arrived earlier today -- have you received yours?

Nope. In fact I get far fewer emails from Netflix than I used to. I used to get them when they shipped or received a disc; this became erratic about three months ago and has completely stopped. No, I haven't changed email address; yes, I have checked the Spam folder. Has anyone else encountered this?


I have the two dvd plan. I have one at home and they were in the processing step for my second dvd. I clicked the link in my email and all it did was fill the empty slot in my queue. No third dvd for me. Not a big deal just thought it was stupid.

Big Dave

I got it yesterday. Unfortunately, I can't us it because the LINK DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!
Shoot yourself in the foot again, why don't you Netflix!


What's worse than not getting a bonus DVD? Being told you're getting a bonus DVD and not getting the email for it or anything.


Yep. Got mine, clicked on the link, and redeemed it while it worked. Should ship today.


Clicked mine, redeemed it, and... my queue has been frozen for the last 2 days.


I'm probably not going to get one. I downgraded my number of discs from November to December and am still sitting on excess discs. Why would they send me an extra disc when I already owe them a disc?

Steve Wille

Reading two sentences can be very difficult.


Yes!!, I also get far fewer emails from Netflix - I just checked and I havent received an email from Netflix since Nov 18th. Also, I haven't changed email addresses and I havent gotten it in the spam folder either.


Got mine yesterday (conveniently after the shipping period for that day). Am getting Christmas Vacation with mine.


I received the email a few days ago and redeemed. I now have an extra dvd showing in my queue (I'm at 6 out at a time). I don't seem to have an issue with the emails. Every now and then I won't get one of the "we received your dvd" emails, but I usually get them all just fine.


I posted in the original story that when I went to the site to activate, the button was froze and wouldn't click. So I refreshed the page and then it told me that I was not eligible for a free rental.

Well, it turned out that it did work and I got my bonus disc.

But for some reason they sent me a movie that was no longer in my queue, one I had deleted a few days ago and no longer needed. So not much of a bonus for me. haha

BTW, I posted this because I thought it was funny, not to complain. My life isn't ruined because I didn't get 1 bonus DVD.

Daniel L

@art.the.nerd - I still get all the emails from Netflix about when they receive my movies and when they ship the next ones.

On another note, their website does seem to lag somewhat when I make changes sometime. A few examples:

- I went through my "rated" list and unrated about 1000 movies, dropping me from about 3000 titles rated to about 2000 titles. A couple days later, it was back up to 3000 and I had to go through and unrate 1000 titles.

- I update my queue by moving movies around or adding/subtracting movies, and a few hours later, it reverts back to before my changes.

- Movies in my instant queue will randomly move themselves to the end of my instant queue. There seems to be nothing I can do to stop it. All I can do is try to get used to having an unorganized instant queue, which is annoying to me.


I didn't get an e-mail but I do have an extra disc showing as shipped. Most of the time I don't keep track of what has shipped and when it will arrive, so if it weren't for this announcement, (I rarely check the e-mail address I use with Netflix) I probably wouldn't think much of getting two in the mailbox Saturday.

Walt D in LV

I am really surprised by the number of people here who have an issue, however small, with the Netflix site and don't do anything about it. One of the big reasons for Netflix' success over the years has been their fantastic customer service. While it's true that due to the 60 Minutes article about five years ago, they don't really do e-mail anymore, their telephone support is really amazing.

Anyone having an issue with this free DVD coupon, such as Ravensfriend (above) or any other problem, can
call Netflix at (888) 811-1933.
They answer right away, 24 hours a day, handle the problem with ease, and even ask if there is anything else they can help with. It's Saturday night, and I just called to make sure they're still the same. It was a four minute wait, made shorter by me putting in the 6-digit code from their website:

I still haven't received the Free DVD e-mail on one of my two accounts. On both of my accounts, e-mails from Netflix are sporadic at best. Once in a while I will receive a "We sent a disc" or "We received a disc", but I would say it is less than 10%. Years ago, I would receive one for every disc coming and going.


I'm happy to report that mine showed up a few minutes ago. So there's still hope if you haven't gotten yours yet!


I called Customer Service because I did not get the E-mail. The Customer Service rep today put me on hold and initiated the Free Holiday DVD for me. So just call if you have the DVD plan and ask them to fix it for you over the phone. I told them I didn't get the e-mail and they did fix it for me via phone. Getting my Free Holiday DVD Tuesday.


Recently, I did have a frustrating time with Customer Service in trying to get them to fix Starz Live Channel sound. No one seem to understand what I was talking about. Finally did get them to contact Netflix research and glad to see now that the sound is back working with Starz Live Channel. Otherwise, I agree Customer Service by phone is usually quite good so if you don't have Free DVD call them! :D

Walt D in LV

I got the Free DVD on my second account Saturday at 5 pm PST.


Should I call for my free one or wait 12 or so hours and then call ?

Money Baggs

i got mine the linked worked fine. if it doesnt work call customer service no biggie guys.


They are still sending them out. I got mine yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon.


My bonus rental disappeared after I added it.

I clicked on the link, it added another DVD to my Shipping queue (making 3 total), and then subtracted it, so my Shipping queue went back down to two DVDs.

Not sure if I'm supposed to get a bonus on the 2-DVD plan. Maybe not, I guess.


So, this is kinda cool. I'm on the 1 DVD at a time plan and received my bonus DVD a couple days ago. Yesterday, I mailed back one of the DVDs I had and today, they e-mailed me saying they're shipping me another DVD. I was under the impression I'd have to return both the bonus DVD and the regular one before I'd get another, but evidently not. Wonder how long this will last.


Same with me, Eric. I got my + already, returned one after that, then got another shipped to me. I'll take all the free ones I can get now that I dropped the streaming.

The Littlest Winslow

Daniel L - thanks for the explanation. It was really hard to click the link in the email and figure it out myself.

Kudos to Netflix for the free rental.


@Eric and derekm-- I've had a similar situation with the extra bonus discs I get when something comes from a different shipping center. I figured out that I'll keep getting an extra disc until I return the one that originally came as a bonus, which seems to remove the extra slot from the queue. (If that one happens to be a TV series disc that can be stretched out for a while, I've been able to take advantage of this for a week or two at a time.)


When I redeemed my bonus offer I got a warning that I'd have to return 2 disks before the next would ship. I returned a single disk yesterday, and contrary to the warning, NetFlix is shipping another disk today.

Is it just me or is that what everyone is seeing?

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