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I've had the first issue mentioned happen a couple times now

Robert Emmerich

Between my kids and I we watch nf on the PS3 nearly every day and so far I'm very happy to say no problems. Which is even more impressive b/c I have Cablevison and historically their download speeds are atrocious from 8-10PM. Maybe the FIOS ads gave them a kick in the rear and they were forced to get their act in gear. Oh, and I do keep up with the PS3 firmware updates. I'm running a pre-slim 80gig model.


I've had the Recently Watched disappear and then come back. I assume it's some problem connecting to the Netflix servers to retrieve that information, but I'd appreciate any enlightenment.


I had the freeze frame issue once this weekend...didn't think much of it until I saw this.


I had this issue and found a simple and stupid workaround. Use the skip function.

I have a bad habit of skipping opening credits. I was watching How It's Made and when the video froze I skipped a couple scenes and it worked afterwards.


The "Recently Watched" row comes and goes as it pleases. Seems like it's there around 75% of the time for me, but it's been that way for months. It's probably just Netflix running control and test groups to gauge customer behavior, but I wish it was always there (I'm catching up on old TV Series so I want to watch the next episode of what I've recently watched.)


Some shows look scrambled and audio is off sometimes for me.


Freeze Frame on Xbox,too.
Tried to watch a couple movies over weekend and had this freeze frame with continued dialog problem.Made movies unwatchable.


Yes, I had the first problem multiple times on my ps3.


i can browse all the movies available but as soon as i click on one to watch regardless of movie or episodes it just stays frozen. completely unwatchable. just had an update and was fine for at least a day after the update. anyone know if there is a way to roll back an update on xbox? i dont like this one!


I've had the first problem a number of times, and on two episodes of Midsomer Murders the image just goes dark for 30 seconds. This seems to happen on the weekend.


I've had a problem with 5.1 not playing on my Denon Reciver. It seems evey other update works. This last one does not work.

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Ron Davis

I've been having the dimming issue. The easiest fix to to pause and unpause. Definitely acting like a screen saver.


After the most recent Netflix update, I have not been able to stream in HD on my PS3. It is NOT my internet connection, which continues giving me 10 MB download speeds.


Same problem on netflix with screen dimming and I even turned the screensaver option off. Netflix's 'recently watched' is still there and works unless I have a power outage in the middle of a movie. I had one video just stop playing near the end, Two Towers, and wouldn't restart even though it was listed for several more days. Now it's no longer available.


On netflix the dialogue and the actors lips are out of sync quite often.

And I'm still upset that there was no netflix on the ps3 when they were hacked and took down the their network. Why is Sony in the loop for a stream of data coming from netflix?


I called into netflix the other day after becoming fed up with all the new "issues". I expected, and was once again not disappointed, to get the usual "events like this are caused by your ISP" excuse...

Even after telling them there are thousand of users experiencing the same issues with all different speeds and all over the country. Their customer service is a JOKE....

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