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Yes, and I am thinking of upgrading to another HTPC.
I am in love with Media Browser, a plug-in for MSFT's Media Center. It is extremely customizable and has a fantastic UI.
I tried Boxee, but found it ugly, hard to manage for a "large" collection, and generally not for me.
The problem with firmware-based media managers is that all the UIs suck and they are not really customizable. I wouldn't mind that the default UIs suck, if they provided a very skinable interface. Which since MB's UI plug-ins are actually code written in MSFT's Media Center API they are very customizable.
Actually, since MB's plugins are code based (vs XML skins) they even have music & games plugins. What to play a Stream game from your TV? MB can do that (or I could if my HTPC had the power to play more than Pac-Man).
Hell, if MB had a "Live TV" and Netflix plugin I'd never have to exit it to use Media Center (as-is).
That said, the Netflix Media Center (at least Vista) plug0in is fairly ho-hum. I actually switch the TV to my kid's game console to stream Netflix.
Finally, what is up with only leaving the PC version of Boxee up until the end of January?
Why not just leave it there permanently and just stop supporting it? Having it on the server can't cost you too much.


There is a place for Boxee on my PC right next to Windows Media Center and Hulu Desktop since I have a remote and use my PC as a media consumption device to watch Netflix, Hulu etc in bed or across the room like you would a TV I admit I don't like the Boxee app for Netflix but I do like the pandora app and several others so it kinda sucks to hear that Boxee will stop making software for the PC, Mac & Ubuntu


you might want to spell check...


I prop my Laptop at the end of my Bed and use XBMC(Boxee wasn't flexible enough) to watch Movies and TV shows I've ripped or Stream content from the Net, all while using my Android device as a Remote. Sure it's not connected to a PC but Media Center programs still have their place. Remote controlling my Laptop without one would be a pain for Media Viewing.


The only thing I use boxee for is for Pandora and MLB.tv. Netflix on it sucks or any online video for that matter. (It only works around half of the time).


I really like Blue-ray platers... I just got one at K-mart. ;)


I have a media PC hooked up to my TV. I use it to watch hulu desktop, recorded ota TV in wmc, Netflix, boxee, zinc TV, amazon prime, stuff from my browser, and pretty much whatever the heck else I want. With as much choice as I have I really don't end up using boxee very often at all. I can't imagine why anyone would what to limit themselves to a boxee box. Maybe that's why they want to stick with boxes, less competition for user's attention.


Yes I have a pc hooked to my tv. It connects to my server and xmbc. Boxee is on there but I rarely use it.


I use Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center, or OpenELEC


Boxee 1.5 is a serious back step from the beta 0.9. Probably good they are removing it at the end of January.

I really liked Boxee, mostly I liked that it was able to identify all my TV shows from a single directory, unlike XBMC, which likes individual directories. That's honestly the only feature that boxee offered that made me want to use it.

The idea of buying a boxee box, and adding yet ANOTHER device to my TV is silly.

Sooner or later I'll clean up my videos and place them in individual folders so I can use XMBC.

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