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It was the Year of Missteps for Netflix in 2011 but it's been the Several Years of Missteps for RIM so Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis definitely deserve this "honor" over Hastings, especially since he has obviously learned from his mistakes while the dynamic duo seemingly have not.


Mr. Hastings neither deserved the absurd accolades he has received from a slavish media or the withering criticism for his recent mistakes.

That's the way the press is - either too much praise or a complete pile-on.

I disagree though with the above poster that Hastings has learned a damned thing from his mistakes. Learning to hide your mistakes is not the same as learning from them.


I disagree with Seth.

Reed Hastings definitely deserved the praise he received. He build a disruptive force by tapping the power of the internet and holding to the principal that customers come first: Netflix focused on providing outstanding service at a competitive price. At the same time, he was visionary. Instead of staying still, and reaping the rewards of his DVD-by-mail model, he moved aggressively towards streaming. When others started getting into streaming, he took steps toward producing his own content. It seemed Reed Hastings was forever a step ahead of the competition.

Until he wasn't.

This year his only competition for worse CEO was Jon Corzine, who ran a 100 year old investment house into bankruptcy. Hastings abandoned putting his customers first and made moves to undo all the good will he had built up. Disastrous and stupid moves that will likely take years to recover from.


I hope Hastings seeks help from Dr Drew for his crack addiction, only a crackhead would do the foolish things Hastings did this year.


Yes he's worthy of the title because he forgot what business he was in. He thought he was in the business of streaming and DVD-by-mail. Most customers, however, perceived he was in the entertainment provision business - no matter the format. Misunderstanding your customer and your business would be detrimental as a CEO.


I'm pretty sure that MILLIONS voted him the worst CEO... oh, and by the way, the whole year of 2012 is going to be full of loss for Netflix...


Read the Halo Effect by Phil Rosenzweig. Here is a quote from the book that is good for context. "Much of our thinking about company performance is shaped by the halo effect … when a company is growing and profitable, we tend to infer that it has a brilliant strategy, a visionary CEO, motivated people, and a vibrant culture. When performance falters, we’re quick to say the strategy was misguided, the CEO became arrogant, the people were complacent, and the culture stodgy."


Netflix employee, er, I mean APC, what I said is just the same as DenKon is quoting from the Halo Effect... which I actually never heard about and will have to check out...


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Probably deserved. I mean, 2011 was just one blunder after another for Netflix. Hopefully they turn things around in 2012 but I have my doubts.

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Hastings is on crack. I mean the guy did some utterly brain dead things this year and by the look of it, 2012 isn't gonna be much better for both the company and their customer base. Reed cries that the content is sooo expensive, but if streaming is the future, stop these weak announcements for content that is over a year away and start getting some serious content now, today! The new releases they get in regularly are 99% junk, with only 1% worth anything at all.

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