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Sebastian St.Troy

Please accept my expressed appreciation for your post and work regarding Netflix. Other businesses should learn from Netflix's utter disregard for their customers.

Robert Emmerich

nf stock went from $300 to $66 in 3 months.

Dos the SEC need more reason than that to investigate?

How many people in charge lost their job due to that dramatic decline? Not nearly enough. A really good reason.


Rocco Pendola, is right there with Michael Pachter! Both of them are clueless, but think they are geniuses. They have been wrong far more often than they have been right, yet they are continuously quoted as being the all knowing Netflix soothsayers.

Soak it up guys. Netflix will come back, and you guys will once again be completely wrong in your analysis.


does NFLX do fake conference calls ?

I caught books a million doing them.

Pretty pitiful.

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