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Reed hastings needs to be fired with all the bad moves he made this year and with the bad apps on the concles that are useless esp on the xbox 360 all the features people use and fetures they added. I feel like they want to piss more of ther customers off in order to sell they company off and they might even do another price increase in a few months

young grdpa

its about time ceo dont get a rise each year
people at my work some are going on 5 yrs without a rise so why should ceo get one each year their just over head
work for your money
yes what they have done price and what the hell they did to xbox netflix is rotten
four year grandson hates bad!!!!! that tells u something right there...it must be BAD!!!!


He deserves it for the price hike and Qwikster fiascos.


I'd get fired if I drove my company into the ground. How does this nitwit even still have a job much less get options worth 1.5 mil?


Um first off he didn't drive it into the ground. Second haven't you ever made mistakes at work? or at all? We're all human, everyone makes mistakes as we're not perfect in any way.
Third I'm quite sure the decisions weren't completely his.


First he did'nt make just one mistake he made many of them in a short time and when he's on tv or in a newspaper he looks like crap like I said before ther doing this because there ready to sell and they can't really fire him he's the co founder of netflix but any of u heard more on verizon buying netflix


Article doesnt make much sense. Stock options are not granted in dollar terms. But rather share amounts. And the value of such options is highly dependent on what the underlying shares do. (They can be worthless if the stock goes down)

Surpirsed bloomberg didnt know better.

(Yes, I am & have been a professional investor. A value investor, I have never owned NFLX)


I would like to propose not to hold back until you earn enough cash to order goods! You should get the business loans or just short term loan and feel yourself fine

Larry Dallas

folks, at the end of the day $1.5 mill is money he never had isn't a big deal to him


"Stock options are not granted in dollar terms."

Good point - sometimes you just need to call BS. It's likely the $1.5 million at today's price is a larger number of shares then the $3 million was last year. With NetFlix predicting losses for 2012 I wouldn't call it a pay raise, but I don't think it's appropriate to imply it is a pay cut either. Call it was it is - tell how many shares he's getting in 2012 and compare that with shares for 2011.


I guess not everyone here understands what an "allowance" is. The directors and executives have a maximum value of stock options they can receive a year, set by the board - just look at the 8K form. the number of shares is dependent on the price per share when squired. Each person is granted a annual and monthly allowance.

Jack of All Tirades

Yeah, he should be drawn and quartered! Imagine asking 6 more dollars a month for all you can watch and 1 DVD out at a time!

Who does that guy think he is?! Wait, you say he invented the company and even with the stock slide many of his investors have made this a 2-3 bagger? Well, nevermind.

Jack of All Tirades

I think we Americans have become too addicted to cheap everything. A handheld phone that can browse the Internet and you want $100?! Are you insane?

A tablet that was unimaginable 20 years ago that has the most sophisticated UI ever invented and you want $500?!

A la carte music and book purchases I can make instantly and play on a touch reader that costs $100?

Here you have an entrepreneur who creates something out of nothing - creates an entirely new paradigm for how we watch movies, drives an incredibly inefficient business that is not customer-centric out of business, gives film buffs the ability to watch anything they want, and a bunch of illiterate crybabies go on about how the app doesn't work well on their Xbox 360?!

Really, what have you invented? Let's see your work metrics? Have you created a company and hired thousands of workers? Have you helped support the USPS? Revolutionized streaming technology? If not, kindly go elsewhere and stop whining.


I for one think they all make too much money. No human being is worth 2 million dollars a year. If they cut their salaries the company would have funds to put into content acquisition.

Beyond that I think Hastings needs to stay with Netflix. I get why people want him out. My issue however is that he founded the company. This isn’t a guy elected by the board or someone who took over a long standing company. This is HIS baby. You can’t expect a guy to walk away from his creation. Well you can since he made it public and gave the populace voting rights, but you really shouldn’t.


I'm tired of the Reed Hastings bashing being dredged up in replies to every topic. None of this has prevented or hindered the receiving of discs or streaming. Qwikster didn't happen, the price change wasn't the end of the world, and decisions since the summer have all been good.


If only so much fire was targetted at the boneheads running the country. 6 bucks a month is nothing compared to taxes. I think every 30 pack of Coors should come with a box of Kleenex for all the whining rednecks and "professional investors." What a bunch of cry babies. If we make a hackingbp.com will you stop wasting your time here and go bitch about oil prices?


i hear netflix will soon be gone ????

Sean Mccoy

i got two words for you reed hastings (YOU SUCK)


@Jack of Tirades. You are so right about Americans being "so addicted to cheap everything". You speak so eloguently. Gas is cheap. Automobiles are soooo cheap today, that I bought two cars last week. Health insurance is ridiculously cheap. College tuition is so affordable. Food prices way down. How dare NF customers complain about a 60% price increase in this great economy or a CEO who is a dictator and has never asked what his customers what they wanted.

You think Hastings has revolutionized streaming? Do you also believe Al Gore invented the NET? Hastings changed they way some people rent movies by allowing people to use the Internet (NETflix)instead of going to rental stores. By using the Netflix customers could search tens of thousands of movies and have them delivered to your front door. Hasting deserves credit for that.

NF disc plans are a good deal. NF streaming may be cheap at 7.99 a month, but it will always suck when it comes to movie selection, which is why NF became so successfull. You call people who complain crybabies. What are you? Your're complaining about crybabies. What's worse then a crybaby? A crybaby that's a hypocrite, which of course is you.

@Galagatron. Look at what the topic posters are commenting on before you make such a stupid commnent.


Eat that, beeahtch!

Walt D in LV

I think to publicize a drop in stock option allowance is a good sign on Netflix' part. Most people will just look at it as $1.5 million less money, and that looks good.

The fact is, Netflix has been around for over ten years. Hastings started it, and he'll be with it until he decides not to be (sell or otherwise). Right now, I see it slowly growing, while being more profitable per customer (aside from non-U.S. growth), rather than this crazy insane growth it's experienced in the last few years.
There are still millions and millions of people who will be getting Netflix at $7.99, thinking it's a bargain, compared to the $9.99 their friends used to pay.

Personally, I wish there were more people getting the $20 a month plan (3 at a time Blu-ray). Netflix' bread and butter was built on DVDs by Mail, and I think that can continue for at least a couple more years, when Streaming might then match the quality sound and video of Blu-ray.

Penelope Brewster

Some people are so clueless. Yes, "wbad", Americans are addicted to a comfy life of things cheaper than what the rest of the world pays, be it necessities or luxuries like Netflix. We got use to gas being less than a dollar-fifty most of our lives and complained...while snapping up 16 oz bottles of sodas for the same price or $5 cups of coffee to be trendy without complaint. "How dare Netflix customers complain about a 60% price increase", indeed.
There is no guarantee that a departure of Reed Hastings would make the service better or worse, so in the meantime, it really has nothing to do with how we use the service.


"No human being is worth 2 million dollars a year. If they cut their salaries the company would have funds to put into content acquisition."

2 million isn't much for content acquisition, where the stars deal would have cost 300 million, or the dreamworks deal is a billion. Netflix will probably bring in 3.2-4 billion next year. His Salary is .0005 (.05%) of the money they bring in. What he makes is a drop in the bucket compared to what they spend on buying new content.

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i hear netflix will soon be gone ?

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